I’ll Never Forget That One Christmas...


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The holidays are a time of tremendous joy, cozy gatherings, and making those special Christmas memories. Maybe you have several. For us, we will never forget that one miracle of a Christmas that opened our eyes to the true meaning of the season. Get cozy by the fire and grab some hot chocolate because it’s about the get GOOD. This week's episode is sponsored by M Gemi, Living Proof, Fabletics, LaCroix, & ADT. Get 2 leggings for only $24 ($99 value) when you sign up for a VIP - All you have to do is go to Fabletics.com/SAZAN to take advantage of this deal now! Be sure to check out LivingProof.com/SAZAN, and use promo code SAZAN for a free sample of dry shampoo with your purchase! Also, you can go to M.Gemi.com/SAZAN for fifty dollars off your first pair!

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