Tantra 101: A Man's Intro Guide (feat. Krystal Tantric Yogi)


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If you’re like many guys, you probably think Tantra:

  • Is some mystical woo woo thing from another universe
  • Only reserved for sex gods
  • Requires 12 hours of endurance like Sting

But what if I told you that Tantra has extremely practical benefits such as:

  • The ability to control when you ejaculate
  • Getting and staying harder more often
  • Facilitating better, deeper and more powerful orgasms for you and your partner

Oh and Tantra can also help you experience mind-blowing intimacy while dramatically expanding your realms of sexual pleasure…if you’re into that kinda thing.

And our guide for our very first discussion on Tantra on this podcast, is the majestic, Krystal Tantric Yogi.

Who is Krystal Tantric Yogi?

  • Krystal is a Tantra teacher who has a knack for making tantra practical and approachable for the beginner…while also mixing in the deeper more spiritual elements of the practice
  • She’s built an impressive following online
  • She has over 125,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel and her videos have been viewed nearly 16 million times
  • Some of Krystal’s catchier episode titles are: The Best Way to Help a Woman Orgasm, How a Yoga Practice Can Help Men in the Bedroom, Interesting Facts about the Penis, Sex Positions for Smaller Penises, and Why My Pussy Didn’t Like Being Vegan
  • Today she’s here to give us an intro level discussion on the foundational elements of Tantra

In Today’s Episode

  • 2 major misconceptions about Tantra
  • The 1 thing you’re doing too much of that is draining your sexual life force
  • Why porn is like fast food and fails to satiate your emotional and psychological appetites
  • Why our sexual selves are often segregated from the rest of ourselves, resulting in shame and a stunting our full range of potential sexual pleasure
  • Why you need to stop looking at your dick as a carnal pleasure device and instead see it as your gateway to much higher forms of sexual expression and consciousness
  • One Tantric practice you can try right now to bring more blood flow to your penis and last longer

Connect with Krystal:

On Instagram: @Krystal_TantricYogi On YouTube: Krystal_TantricYogi Email: krystaltantricyogi@yahoo.com

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