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“It takes a village to raise a child” ~African Proverb ~ Welcome to the Guilbault Girls Show where you will have the opportunity to hear from mothers, fathers, siblings, and individuals themselves about their journey of living with a disability. I know I know it’s called Guilbault Girls, but we have a bonus for you as we get the Guilbault Boys to interview some of the dads and siblings and get their perspectives too. We’ll also have special guests from time to time to share the many resources that are available to those living with a disability and their families. So, get ready to laugh, smile, cry, maybe even get a little angry when you hear some of these stories of their day-to-day struggles, but let’s not forget their many triumphs. I know when I was a new mom, and my child was diagnosed with a disability I felt lost and alone and wondered what comes next. I learned from the ones that came before me and I want to be able to continue to share that knowledge and support to others. As they say it takes a village, and if it weren’t for our village we wouldn’t be where we are today. So, will you help be that village, help us spread awareness, help us change mindsets, help us teach other's to be kind to one another…. well you can do that by simply sharing our show to the masses. If you would like to support the Guilbault Girls on another level, click on the following link make a donation in any amount, and you will receive a hand- stamped token with the word "VILLAGE" on it in appreciation. If you would like to be on our show, be sure to contact us today and don’t forget to subscribe to our Guilbault Girls Podcast and YouTube show, and make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at Guilbault Girls! Facebook: @Guilbault Girls, Instagram: @GuilbaultGirls, YouTube: @Guilbault Girls, Email:, and We’d also like share our story on a deeper level with you. Our daughter, Faith Guilbault directed a documentary with BYkids, about her journey of living with a disability. You can view "Faith's World", which aired on PBS April of 2020 on the following link:

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