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My guest for The Happy Hour #361 is Annie F. Downs! I know for a lot of you, Annie needs no introduction - she is a bestselling author, speaker, and podcast host of That Sounds Fun. Annie is based out of Nashville and just released her newest book, That Sounds Fun!

Y’all, Annie is such a dear friend of mine and talking with her is always a joy. I was on her podcast a few months back and we had a BLAST so I’m very excited that she’s joining me today! In this episode, Annie shares about how she is someone who loves big and felt shame for that in the past because she couldn’t hide the fact that she loves the people in her life. Sometimes we have this thing in our lives that we feel like is a missing chip, but it’s really such an intentional gift that allows us to bless others. I LOVE when Annie says “Every single one of us feels like we have a missing chip. A missing thing that God did not include when He made us. And the reality is that is your superpower. That is the thing you were born to tell us about and to show us and to give to the world.” PREACH. For the full summary and links to the show, click the link below!

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