Happy Hour #363 - Matt & Laurie Krieg


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My guests for The Happy Hour #363 are Matt and Laurie Krieg. Matt and Laurie are the authors of the book An Impossible Marriage, and hosts of the Hole in my Heart podcast.

I’ve had their book for a while and finally dove into it last month. Guys, this is one of the best books I’ve ever read on marriage - I devoured every single word. In this episode, they share their story of Laurie’s same-sex attraction, and yet their commitment to fighting for their marriage. Matt and Laurie are so vulnerable about their challenges, and the importance of taking moments to remember that God truly sees us. I loved when they talked about allowing God to work through us to meet the needs of others, and the wonderful gift that marriage is to show people the Gospel. They say “When we die to self, we show the world how Jesus died to be one with us as we be one with our spouse.” For the full summary and links to the show, click the link below!

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