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My guest for The Happy Hour #368 is Emily Lex. Emily is a talented artist and passionate about sharing truth. Her first book, Freely & Lightly: God’s Gracious Invitation to a Life of Quiet Confidence, releases on March 2nd and it is absolutely filled with beautiful words of encouragement.

Emily is a long-time friend and has probably been on The Happy Hour more than any other person! In this episode, Emily dives into the challenge of having to pivot her business and how her change of interests affected her brand. She talks about how sometimes we do things that we were never meant to do, and how she came to a point of having to block everything out and just focus on God. I love when she says, “It required risk and obedience, but what it did was put my soul at rest which is really what I was after. And that’s what I think obedience will do.” For the full summary and links to the show, click the link below!

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