196: Conscious Conversations: Stop Dismissing, Start Connecting


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Who is it you want to be? Right now, there is an expansion happening in the world around us. You could call it an awakening or a calling, but here's the thing: it's time to step into your truest self and understand and acknowledge your own beliefs and opinions. The changes you want to see in our world can and will not happen until you do. In this episode, I dig into what Season 16 is all about: the importance of having conscious conversations. Do you know what it means to have a conscious conversation with people whose opinions differ from your own? If not, this episode is for you. We'll explore how to meaningfully engage with those around you so that we can build bridges and create the harmony we all desperately need right now. It's time to stop dismissing one another and start opening up more seats at the table, and it starts right here with you and me.

What’s In This Episode:

  • What a conscious conversation is
  • Why you need to step into your authentic self and embrace your own beliefs and opinions
  • How to engage with people whose opinions differ from yours (and why it's necessary)
  • The big opportunity for growth that we are all faced with and how to embrace it

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