Tim Buckley: There’s No One Even Close to Us


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“It’s the core of Vanguard”: What stewardship and investor-centricity has meant to the firm (1:58)
Defining “client”: How Vanguard balances off the objectives of its different lines of business (2:51)
Incredible scale can’t be taken for granted: Is it enough to just be a fund company? (4:22)
Gazing into our crystal ball: What Vanguard looks like in 10 years and how that compares to today (5:46)
Goal-setting: How Vanguard defines success and how that informs the way they run the business (7:01)
The future of advice: “I can’t imagine anything but the price (for advice) coming down” (8:11)
Embrace technology and personalize: Tim’s counsel to advisors who are trying to adapt to falling advice fees (8:55)
“There’s no one even close to us”: What matters in a “freemium” world is the cost of the whole portfolio (10:15)
Pathways to growth: The future of ESG funds and factor investing and how Vanguard tries to position these strategies to advisors and other markets (11:45)
“All the money flowing to index funds--it’s not because active doesn’t work. It’s because high-cost active doesn’t work” (14:11)
“You can have your cake and eat it, too, in the active ESG approach”: How to succeed with ESG investing (16:02)
Best practices: How Vanguard settled on its approach to ESG investing (17:53)
“We’ve looked”: Vanguard’s approach to capital investment and answering the build-vs.-buy question (18:33)
“Vanguard is defined by its structure, and we’re going to keep it”: Tim on why Vanguard will never de-mutualize (19:57)

Tim Buckley, Chairman and CEO, The Vanguard Group
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