#26 - Slow Boil Persuasion: Martina's Fall into the Mormon Church


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Welcome back to the second episode of our Pride Month celebration series. Today we’re speaking with Martina, a queer woman from Belgum who’s going to share with us her unique experience with the Mormon church. After a traumatic incident as a teen, Martina was searching for a community of people. She encountered a group of Mormon missionaries and her friendship with them turned into a slow boil of indoctrination into the church. She fell for the love bombing, and soon enough, the church convinced her that she “struggled with same-sex attraction” and that she could easily fall in love with a man. After a year of participating in Mormon practices and attempting to deny her sexuality, Martina decided on the day of her baptism that she needed to leave the Mormon church for good.
Topics in this episode include mature adult themes, so listener discretion is advised.
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