Ep. 30: Showbiz Must Go On


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A spaghetti salesman, a floor sweeper, and the son of a truck driver.

The Origin Of Things is back! Thank you to everyone who wrote in to me, asking when I would be re-starting this. I hope you enjoy the new season. This is one of the five new episodes that I did a live show out of, on May 30.

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The Origin of Things (TOOT to friends) is a short-format podcast where you host, Deepak Gopalakrishnan (Chuck to friends) talks about the origin stories of various brands. It's a dramatized 5-7 minute story of how some of today's biggest and most beloved brands came about. The fun though, happens because Chuck reveals the name of the brand only at the end - leaving it to you to try and guess what he's talking about! Explore how, for example, one of India's biggest tragedies is connected to one of its most beloved drinks, or how a murderer was responsible for one of today's most enduring taglines. It's all there in The Origin of Things!

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