Michael Mowbray on Getting the Speedlight Right!


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Michael Mowbray

Hang on for a full conversation with Mr. Michael Mowbray, aka, "The Speedlight Guy." Maybe you're like me, and not one who uses speedlights--will this conversation be any good to you? Here is what you can expect:

  • Why is Michael a "generalist Photographer?" Why doesn't he follow conventional wisdom and specialize?
  • What's so great about being a Portrait Photographer?
  • Michael says that his job is to "make someone look better than they think they do." SPECIFICALLY, how does he do it?
  • Is the speedlight important even in great ambient light?
  • What problems are solved with a speedlight outdoors?
  • Learn about the tragic, unforgiving disease known as FlatButt-itis. Do you suffer? Learn the symptoms here.
  • How are Photogs using the speedlight poorly? Hear Michael's 1 tip to IMMEDIATELY make your images better.
  • With all of the hype around High Speed Sync . . . does it really matter? When? Why?
  • Learn Michael's 1 tip for a better client experience; how he stays engaged with his client, not his gear.

If you'd like to what Michael is doing to serve other Photographers, including a look at the 36" Gomo Box he mentions, CLICK HERE.

If you'd like to see the work he's creating, simply CLICK HERE.

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