Dan Freivalt on Successful Senior Photography


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Add the sum of Photographer Dan Frievalt's career pivots, and you find him enjoying his most rewarding and lucrative work ever. He's gone from graphic designer, to wedding photographer, to photographer of High School Seniors.

Are you a Photographer who works with Seniors? Are you wondering if it's viable to hone in on this niche exclusively? If so, today's conversation on The PhotoTellers is for you.

Personally, I ESPECIALLY enjoyed his discussion of his Senior Ambassador program. Dan is taking a different angle on attracting clients, and it's doing good across the world. Remember: If you have a suggestion for Dan's new name of this program, leave it in the comment section below. Here's a photo of the lovely rockstar who didn't collect 600 pairs of shoes--it was 800!!!

Bri & 800 shoes

I think you'll also enjoy the approach Dan takes when the parent says, "I love this, but I didn't buy anything like this for his/her older siblings." How does he handle the objection? It's brilliant.

A few highlights from my conversation with Dan:

  • Now that he doesn't photograph weddings, how does he handle that request? How does he use the time he would have spent on that wedding?
  • Why has Dan made several career pivots?
  • Rethinking the "Senior Ambassador" program. Hear how Dan is attracting clients (and publicity!) while doing good for others.
  • How did raising his prices & "spoiling" his clients help Dan create better work--even before he had many clients?!
  • How do Moms & Grandmas react to Dan's highly stylized, cinematic style? Do these products actually sell? Does he still have to create traditional portraits to please everyone?
  • What products are selling well? How does Dan steer the client to order what he wants to sell?
  • Hear a few of Dan's favorite marketing tips.
  • Who is his biggest competition?
  • How does Dan sell a product that parents did NOT buy for the older siblings?
  • Hear Dan conclude our conversation as he explains why ours is "the greatest profession in the world."

See more of Dan Frievalt's work on his WEBSITE, or connect with his Facebook page SENIORS UNLOCKED.

Learn more about the Giving Love/Donde Amor program by listening to the last part of this conversation:


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