Want to Take Great Photographs? Rob Hull has Written the Book


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Rob Hull

If you or someone you love is new to Photography, and wants to take great photographs, today's conversation on The PhotoTellers is for you! Photographer and Author Rob Hull has written the book on the subject. Rob joins the show today to talk about his own history in Photography--from his first experience in the 8th grade, to a career at IBM & publishing, then to teaching Photography at a local college. How did all of those elements combine to create this book? That's what you'll learn.

You'll also hear about his relationship with the illustrious Tony Corbell. They're doing some pretty exciting work together, traveling the world to train Photographers in all ilks of the craft. Be certain that you CLICK HERE to see where they'll be, and also sign up for the weekly educational blog.

If you've missed my previous conversations with Tony, here's a link to one of them:


Is Rob's book written for the seasoned pro? Is it appropriate for your/your friends' skill level? The following excerpt from the conversation explains:

BILL: Who should read this book?

ROB: This book is really targeted for the beginner, or if you know somebody who may have been photographing for a little while. It's certainly not for the pro-market. It covers all of the camera controls up to [excluding] Manual. We talk about Manual, but we don't get into a lot of the metering techniques and all that for Manual photography.

So if you want to understand all of the automated settings in your camera, it helps people understand what happens when they change a different setting. That could be in like Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, things like that. But then a lot of our cameras that also have specialty modes like Sport Mode . . . Beach Mode, and stuff like that. What this book does a very good job of doing is helping you understand exactly what your camera is doing, and how does it determine the exposures for those different settings? Because the more somebody understands what's happening when they set those controls, the more they're going to know what the cameras strengths and weaknesses are.

A camera can't do everything, but people need to understand and be able to figure out: "When is the camera to be able to handle this well, and when do I have to take over and do something else?"

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