Photographer: Here's What You Don't Know About Video & Email Strategy


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Photographer: Have you ever wished that you could connect to clients faster, more personally, and with more depth? Do you find yourself frequently answering the same questions? Do you find yourself frequently answering the same questions? Are you often writing the same email again and again? Nate Grahek of Sticky has four words for you: Video and Email Sequencing. Today's episode of The PhotoTellers answers what you may not know about video and email strategy. What else do Nate and I discuss?

  • Whiskey, including a wager over a bottle of Angel's Envy
  • How to respond to pricing requests. Bill & Nate argue about posting prices online.
  • Using email sequencing--why it's more effective than the email newsletter. Use the power of intrigue to get your emails opened.
  • Using automation to make an amazing first impression (even if you're asleep).
  • How to use video messaging--and how you can transform your emails!
  • Do you need pro equipment to create videos?
  • What is Sticky, and how does it help your clients spread the word about you?

Nate mentions 2 video services to help you (and me) record quick, simple videos. Click the links below:

Soapbox by Wistia

As the conversation concludes, you'll learn more about Nate's company Sticky. If you'd like an app that helps clients show off your work, or you need help with emails that are written SPECIFICALLY FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS, stay tuned through the end.

Nate promised a link for a free trial for listeners of the show. Wanna look under the hood?


And finally--do you have questions for Nate? Send him and email:

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