39 - Zachsquatch & The Stuff In Your Pack


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This week Pox & Puss discuss: The stuff in your packHave you ever carried a piece of gear that was teetering on the edge of "unusable"?Have you carried something in your pack that served no practical purpose? Did it have sentimental value?Have you ever carried something that you didn't know was in your pack? A rock....or a canned ham?We have a conversation with 2014 Northbounder, Zachsquatch. He tells us about an interesting time he had on trail with a sword-wielding Russian, he describes the average day in the life of an iPhone on the Appalachian Trail, and he has a close encounter with a horse.ATTENTION! Thru-Hikers past and present!Be sure to visit the Thru-Hiker Registry at http://www.appalachiantrials.com/thru-hiker-registry/ This makes it much easier to keep in touch with your Trail Friends once you've re-entered "The Real World" and you start using your "Real Names".OK...put on your Carolina Panthers "Basketball Jersey", break out your pie server, and get ready for Episode #39 - "Zachsquatch & The Stuff In Your Pack" !!!Next Episode:We've received a few voicemails about snakes...so let's talk about your Snake Stories!Please leave us a voicemail by calling 828-394-4526Thank you so much for all of your calls, they really help the show!

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