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The new UCP government this week reversed an NDP decision around Alberta's electricity market, announcing the province will stick with an energy-only market.

Confused as to what that means? You're not alone. It's outrageously complex. Join host Emma Graney who tries to explain it all with the help of guests Sarah O'Donnell and Clare Clancy.

The team also takes a look at Alberta's sunshine list and the latest in party fundraising totals.

Good Stuff from the Gallery

Clare's pick: Clare recommends two things this week. First up, Emma Graney's deep dive into the work of Janice MacKinnon who is overseeing a panel about Alberta's finances ("Thanks, Clancy!" - Emma.) She also recommends this horrifying read from The Guardian about the rise of domestic killings using the defense of a "sex game gone wrong."

Emma's pick: Not to be outdone, Emma also recommends two things this week. Firstly, this amusing Washington Post interview with the graphic designer behind a parody presidential seal mistakenly used at a Trump speech this week. Also, she thinks you should absolutely go watch the Good Omens television series on Amazon.

Sarah's pick: Sarah also jumps aboard the multiple recommendations train this week, but wins with three. She recommends the This Sounds Serious podcast, Elise Stolte's column about Edmonton drawing a line on urban sprawl, and — for the power geeks — the AESO real-time electricity tracker.

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