TRP 0037 Part 2: The Path to Closing a Deal with Deb Zahn


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Deb Zahn is a sought-after consultant with 10 years of successful consulting under her belt. As a go-to source in her market, she routinely brings in 6- and 7-figures a year and has built a steady, reliable pipeline of work. Her consulting methods turn her clients into her biggest fans and best marketers. They come back to her again and again and continually send her new clients.

As a consultant, Deb is especially known for her ability to cure “decision-making disorders” with individuals and groups. She also has earned a reputation as “The Closer,” the consultant who can get high-value contracts with hard-to-get clients. Over the last decade, she has coached countless new consultants and helped them fast track their success. Recently, Deb helped a new consultant get their first contract—worth over $100,000—only three weeks after Deb started coaching them.

She is the host of the Craft of Consulting podcast, which features other successful consultants who share their strategies and insights about building their consulting businesses and delighting their clients as well as consulting clients who share what makes some consultants rise to the top of their hire list.

If you want to know more about how to become a consultant, price your services, and get more clients faster, Deb has a wealth of resources to help you, including tools, webinar trainings, online courses, and coaching with Deb: Go to “Start Here” for free tools and “Get Help” to dive in deeper and get more help. Also check out Deb’s podcast, the Craft of Consulting wherever you listen to podcasts or on her site:

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