Sheena Ladwa - Preparation and Life Lessons


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Beth Roars chats to Sheena Ladwa - Director of Ultimate Artists Development Camp. Sheena and Beth speak about the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people, maintaining a positive mindset and addressing mental ill health. Sheena also opens up about her personal journey, growing up as a singer before transitioning into running an artist development camp, as well as the relationship between creativity and pain.


  • 01:01 - What was Sheena’s worst job ever?
  • 02:03 - Where did Sheena Ladwa’s journey with music start?
  • 03:14 - What was it like for Sheena to leave her family and move to London
  • 04:35 - Sheena’s experiences working in a 9 to 5 job to subsidise her dream of working as a singer
  • 06:40 - How Sheena was signed by her first manager and what that experience was like
  • 09:50 - How did Sheena Ladwa meet Joshua Alamu and why was he significant in her life?
  • 11:35 - Why did Sheena decide to call time on her career as a singer?
  • 14:10 - Being malleable towards your goals and the importance of having a positive perspective
  • 17:57 - What was it like growing up with a father who sings Bollywood (Praful Ladwa with Bollywood Bandits)?
  • 18:21 - The importance of discipline and practice
  • 20:36 - How much work do you need to put in to be an artist?
  • 21:10 - Sheena gives insight into what you can learn from Bollywood
  • 21:36 - How Sheena became Director of Ultimate Artists Development Camp and what do they seek to do?
  • 25:13 - How mental ill health affects artists
  • 26:21 - Why is mental health important in the music business?
  • 28:39 - Sheena and Beth discuss the necessity of having great people around you to act as your foundation
  • 29:48 - What was it like for Sheena to be exposed to mental ill health and depression in her family at an early age?
  • 31:17 - Are pain and mental health struggles synonymous with creativity?
  • 35:39 - Sheena Ladwa shares her experience of having an emotional block and how she worked through it
  • 37:02 - Getting out of your own way and not holding yourself back
  • 39:22 - The one piece of advice that Sheena Ladwa would give an artist

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