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Beth Roars talks to Oli Peters from technical death metal band Archspire. Oli is well known for his fast-paced machine gun like distortion style. Beth asks Oli what it was like to teach Jason Momoa to war cry, how he finds touring, the pros and cons of specialisation as opposed to versatility and the reasons you should pursue music professionally.

Podcast Episode Highlights:

  • 01.02 - What has been Oli’s worst ever job?
  • 03.33 - At what point did Oli know he wanted a career in music? What was Oli’s first music industry experience?
  • 05.06 - Beth Roars asks Oli Peters how he came to his unique sound and fast phrases? Do they take notice about what is popular?
  • 08.12 - What is circle breathing and how has Oli incorporated it?
  • 10.09 - Beth Roars and Oli Peters discuss the pros and cons of being good at just one style of singing, or different styles but not necessarily mastering them
  • 12.15 - Where did the name Archspire come from and why do people connect with Archspire music?
  • 14.08 How Archspire seek to create the same sound live as on their recorded album
  • 15.48 - Quickfire
  • 19.12 - Fun Fact
  • 20.31 - What was it like to be asked to teach Jason Momoa a war cry for the Apple TV show ‘See’? Would Oli consider teaching other people?
  • 25.11 - How does Oli memorise his fast phrases for Archspire songs?
  • 25.50 - Beth asks Oli how Archspire finds touring. How is it different touring in Europe compared to America?
  • 28.30 - What does Oli Peters perceive has been Archspire’s greatest challenge?
  • 31.06 - What are Archspire’s goals going forward? What has been Archspire’s biggest achievement?
  • 31.57 - What is the one quality Oli Peters would choose to gain overnight if he could?

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