The Single Girl’s Guide to Life with Chantelle the Coach


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Your weekly guide to navigating life in your 20s, 30s and 40s as a single, separated or divorced woman. Instead of wishing our lives away hoping to meet the partner of our dreams, and only being satisfied when we do, The Single Girl's Guide to Life encourages and inspires you to embrace your single life, whatever you choose to do with it.Whether you're looking to date, or choosing to stay single, this podcast is about enjoying life and all the ups and downs that happen in it whilst being single. Your host, Chantelle, a single life empowerment coach, will give you through managing all things single life including how to get back to dating, dealing with loneliness and learning to live your solo life as a strong, independent woman.This is the perfect podcast for those the single girls out there that want to know that they aren't alone. The Single Girl's Guide to Life is here to help you navigate the crazy world of being single alongside someone that truly gets it! Stop asking "Will I be alone forver?" or "When will I have it all worked out?" and have fun enjoying this messy thing called life as you embrace your singleness and celebrate with other single women ready to live and love their life no matter what their relationship status.

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