The Joker's Smile (Ep. 143)


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The hit trailer for director Todd Phillips' upcoming JOKER feature film includes the famous song, "Smile" written by Charlie Chaplin and author Jim Lochner joins Dane Walker, Kristen Romanelli, and Christopher Coleman to discuss their thoughts about the trailer and its use of music. Finally, Jim Lochner takes us deep into the little-known history of the song and shares a few other Chaplin-related tidbits from his book, "The Music of Chaplin."

Episode Highlights

00:00 - The Joker Teaser trailer

03:50 - What were everyone’s feelings about the Joker Film

07:05 - General Trailer Reaction

14:20 - Thoughts on "Smile" in the Joker Trailer

22:29 - The Smile Story

40:00 - Final Questions For Jim

42:28 - Wrap Up

Music Selections

00:00 - The Joker Trailer

00:45 - Smile - Jimmy Durante

06:41 - Joker Trailer

21:47 - Dawn/Buckup/Never Say Die/Smile (End Title From Modern Times) Charlie Chaplin

25:00 - Eternally - (Main Theme From Limelight) Charlie Chaplin

29:22 - Smile - Nat King Cole

37:31 - Overture/Unveiling The Monument - (Opening to City Lights) Charlie Chaplin

40:31 - Chaplin Main Theme - John Barry

42:30 - Joker Trailer - Instrumental

44:21 - The Joker Trailer


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Watch the JOKER trailer on Youtube.

This episode was edited by Dane Walker. (Thanks!)

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