The Greatest Message You’ll Hear Today: How to Find Love, Satisfaction, Fulfillment, and Purpose, and Remove Self-Hate


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Today’s episode is for those struggling with self-hate, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, lack of direction or purpose, and anyone who just needs some motivation. In this episode, you’ll find yourself listening in on Steve’s exclusive talk with his church’s youth group. Listen now and you’ll discover the source of Steve’s incredible talent, motivation, and skill that led him to the Super Bowl! But you’ll also learn why that wasn’t enough to get him through post-NFL life. Steve shares how he redefined what it means to be satisfied, loved, and driven, all in the past year! Hear practical steps to gaining a massive family built on love and discovering the most powerful motivation known to man. It’s way simpler than it sounds! So jump right in and start learning alongside Steve!

“Nobody could handle my intensity because nobody could match the hatred I had for myself.”

-Steve Weatherford

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1:04 - The Steve Weatherford Warm-Up that will get your blood pumping every morning

4:52 - Lessons from Steve’s childhood: How Steve’s hatred of himself developed a powerful testimony

6:08 - The strongest motivational force that Steve has ever experienced and why it’s bad for your health

8:00 - Steve reveals why your work and effort to achieve greatness might be worthless

10:40 - How your father, wife, pastor, friend, and co-worker are ALL bringing you down UNLESS you change this one thing about your mindset

11:54 - Steve lost 53 friends, but hear the story of how he gained 100 brothers

14:13 - Where you can turn to find satisfaction, fulfillment, achievement, purpose, and so much more

15:42 - Want to finally take advantage of the opportunities in front of you and live boldly? Join Steve in the discovery of new motivation and clarity

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