"Being Pistachio" with Lyn Wineman of KidGlov


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On this fourth episode of The Stream of Conscience Podcast by SEAchange, our guest put it best: "Don't be vanilla. Be pistachio!" Listen for this and other great advice from someone who has proven that your mission can be a driving factor in business success.
Lyn Wineman, President and Chief Strategist of KidGlov, gave us a look under the hood of her successful and growing marketing firm built on a commitment to helping the people who are changing the world.
KidGlov is a tightknit team of marketing, branding and advertising experts who share a mission to give the megaphone to the many ChangeMakers of the world. In fact, they’ve started their own podcast, Agency for Change, to do just that. We hope you'll listen and subscribe to both of these great storytelling platforms.

NOTE: this episode was recorded in late 2020.

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