110: Marita Fridjhon: Systems-Inspired Leadership


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Happy New Year! Wishing you a 2020 filled with health, prosperity, and peace.

Marita Fridjhon is an elder in the systemic coaching community. As co-owner and CEO of CRR Global, a leading school in Organisational & Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC), she trains and mentors an ever-growing community of practitioners in the field of Relationship Systems work. This is critical in today's shift in leadership to a more systems-inspired approach. I first met Marita in 2006 and since then along with her business partner Faith Fuller, she has become one of the most influential teachers in my own coaching journey.

Curious to expand your systemic coaching lens? Want to know how this way of seeing can make you an even more effective team coach? Not heard of Organizational & Relationship Systems Coaching and want to know more?

You can reach Marita on https://www.crrglobal.com/marita-fridjhon.html https://www.linkedin.com/in/maritafridjhon/

More about Marita Fridjhon

Raised in South Africa during Apartheid, Marita dedicated her career to improving the human condition through a variety of practices. As President of CRR Global, Marita’s vision is to inspire and equip change agents to do effective work with relationship systems in all niche markets. She designs curriculum and operates training programs in Relationship Systems Work for coaches, executives and teams. She came to this work from an extensive background of Clinical Social Work, Community Development, Process Work, Family Systems Therapy, Business Consulting, and Alternative Dispute Resolution. Marita has an international mentor coaching practice of individuals, partnerships and teams. Her primary focus in coaching is on systemic change, leveraging diversity, creative communication, deep democracy in conflict management and the development of Learning Organizations. Some of her clients include: Nova Nordisk, Touro University, Grand Canyon National Park Service, Coaches Training Institute, Horizon Services Inc., Central YMCA, Chevron, Institute for the Development of Human Psychology, Deep Ecology Education Program, Contra Costa County Health and Prevention, Hyatt Hotels, San Francisco School District, Boeing, IBM & Emirates Bank Dubai. She is the co-author of Creating Intelligent Teams: Leading with Relationship Systems Intelligence. Prior to co-founding CRRGlobal with Faith Fuller in 2002, Marita was Senior Faculty of The Coaches Training Institute.

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