Episode 64: When I’m 64


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Episode 64: When I’m 64

In which we celebrate the effects of the passage of time on Sherlock Holmes (and on Sherlock fans as well)! We’ll explore Retirementlock, discover what it’s like to be a fan over 40 and learn how to age gracefully from badass Mrs. Hudson!

Segment timestamps:

  • 0:00:25 – Host Opening
  • 0:20:40 – Coroner’s Report
  • 0:26:45 – That’s My Genre: Retirementlock
  • 0:53:13 – Kitty Riley: Interview with Line Nybro Petersen
  • 1:23:40 – Sherlock and John’s Top 10 Plans for Retirement
  • 1:24:54 – Live from 221B Con: Reading221B
  • 2:01:39 – Sherlock’s Classical Music
  • 2:34:45 – Fans Over 40
  • 3:08:44 – The Top 10 Perks of Growing Older, According to Mummy Holmes
  • 3:09:53 – Badass Mrs. Hudson
  • 3:41:16 – That’s My Division: Retirementlock & Future Fic
  • 3:57:41 – Post Mortem

Shownotes, contact details, and credits below.


Host Opening (0:00:25)
Consulting Fans: Finn, JL4L, Smirk; Editor: Sunday Duck

Coroner’s Report (0:20:40)
Consulting Fan: Smirk

All the news that’s fit to fandom.

That’s My Genre: Retirementlock (0:26:45)

Consulting Fans: Alexxphoenix42, CWB, mistyzeo, Mazarin221b
Producer/Editor: Alexxphoenix42

From the Notebook of Kitty Riley: Interview with Line Nybro Petersen (0:53:13)
Consulting Fans: Shannon, Line
Producer: Shannon, Editor: Drinkingcocoa

Interview with Danish acafan who studied female Sherlock fans over 50.

Sherlock and John’s Top 10 Plans for Retirement (1:23:40)
Consulting Fan: Alexxphoenix42

Live From 221BCon: Reading221B – “The Art of Flatsharing” by out_there (1:24:54)
Consulting Fans: TiltedSyllogism, GentleSpirit, Urbanhymnal, Patternofdefiance, + Various 221BCon 2017 Attendees
Editor: Emma

Join the moderators of Reading 221B for a live book club-style discussion of a classic Johnlock fanfic.

Sherlock’s Classical Music (2:01:39)
Consulting Fans: Finnagain, Cookie
Producer/Editor: Finnagain

Fans Over 40 Roundtable (2:34:45)
Consulting Fans: SundayDuck, Emma, Vex, Meiringal, Alexxphoenix42
Producer: SundayDuck, Editors: SundayDuck, Alexxphoenix42

Contributors discuss their experiences of being older adults in fandom.

The Top 10 Perks of Growing Older, According to Mummy Holmes (3:08:44)
Consulting Fan: vex

Live From 221BCon: Badass Mrs. Hudson (3:09:53)
Consulting Fans: Finnagain, Alexxphoenix42, + Various 221BCon 2017 Attendees
Editor: SundayDuck

A roundtable discussion of Mrs. Hudson and all her badassery, recorded live at 221B Con 2017.

That’s My Division (3:41:16)

This month, we’re rounding up retirementlock and other such “future” fics!

Post Mortem (3:57:41)
Consulting Fans: Finn, JL4L, Smirk, vex
Editor: SundayDuck


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Music Credits

Unless otherwise indicated, all music is available for purchase through online retailers such as amazon.com and iTunes.

  • Show Intro – David Arnold and Michael Price, Sherlock: Original Television Soundtrack Music From Series One: Opening Titles
  • Coroner’s Report – Breaking News: Eye on the World Broadcast News
  • That’s My Genre: Retirementlock – Adam Sandler, The Wedding Singer, Vol. 2: Grow Old With You
  • From the Notebook of Kitty Riley – The Quantic Soul Orchestra, Stampede: Hold it Down
  • Live from 221B Con: Reading 221B – Patty Larkin, Perishable Fruit: The Book I’m Not Reading
  • Sherlock’s Classical Music – See Above
  • Fans Over 40 – Michelle Shocked, Short Sharp Shocked : When I Grow Up
  • Live from 221B Con: Badass Mrs. Hudson – X Japan, X JAPAN Returns (Tokyo Dome, 1993): Ode to Joy transition [DVD]
  • That’s My Division – John Coltrane, My Favorite Things [Deluxe Edition]: My Favorite Things, Part 1
  • Show Outro – Bee Gees, Saturday Night Fever [The Original Movie Soundtrack]: Stayin’ Alive

Production Credits

Episode Producer: Vex
Episode Banner Artist: Fox Estacado
Episode Audio Editor: Caroline
Distribution funded by Fans!

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