0153 - The Hobbit - Ch07 - Queer Lodgings


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Concerning "Queer Lodgings", from Beorn's manor to the borders of Mirkwood...

Topics discussed...

  • We try out some new theme songs! What do y'all think? - 1:00
  • You gotta support the things you love! Support the show financially if you are able! - 7:45
  • Beorn is the Tom Bombadil of The Hobbit. - 14:50
  • Proof that Tolkien loved haiku. - 18:00
  • Eyrie vs Eyrie - 20:40
  • Carrock & Beorn's Home - 24:50
  • Visiting Beorn. 2 x 2 introductions of Gandalf, Bilbo, and the dwarves. Bombur insult sandwich. - 33:00
  • The Wind Was on the Withered Heath - 43:40
  • Parting ways with Gandalf at the edge of Mirkwood - DON'T LEAVE THE PATH! - 53:20
  • Haiku is back! - 58:00
  • We watch the first trailer for Tolkien and offer our thoughts. - 1:01:00
  • LOTR on Prime has a Twitter account! What do we learn from their first few posts? - 1:05:30
  • You should check out Tea with Tolkien, the new podcast from our friend and long-time Tolkien Road supporter Kaitlyn Facista! - 1:11:15
  • Catching up on correspondence - 1:14:10

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