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ATX Television Festival has a reputation we’re pretty proud of: “TV Camp for grown ups."

Each June, showrunners actors, producers, all of the TV industry and the most incredible fans come together for one of a kind screenings, in-depth panel conversations, and...breakfast tacos...BBQ...margaritas. You get the picture.

Now we're bottling that TV magic as a podcast! Our inaugural podcast series, showcased conversations with some of our favorite people in TV, each one exploring a different TV topic. From creating the sound of a show (TV Mixtapes), to the complexities and importance of representation (Complex, Not Complicated), to the mysteries of little-known TV jobs, like showrunning (A Showrunner Defined). These episodes are 1-6 and co-produced by Madica Productions.

Following the original 6 episodes are ATX Festival panels and programming recorded LIVE at ATX Festival ranging from Industry to Fan topics, show specific to more broad television issues.

In addition, in May of 2019 we released a special series entitled, "Inside ATX" that takes a behind the scenes look at how this festival comes together with our co-founders (Emily Gipson and Caitlin McFarland), staff, advisory board, panelists, and more. These episodes are co-produced by AJ Meyers and FiveOhm Productions.


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