Tati and Gerry Jiménez | How to Expand Your Business with Strategy and Mindfulness.


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How great would it be for you to have a tag-team of brilliant entrepreneurs sharing how to expand your business with strategy and mindfulness? It would be great, and it's exactly what's happening for you today! Click to Subscribe on >> iTunes, Stitcher Radio or Tunein. Unbreakable Success Podcast, Episode 47 Tati & Gerry Jiménez - How to Expand Your Business with Strategy and Mindfulness. If there's one piece of insight that can make the sometimes messy world of entrepreneurship simpler it's balance. Balance is a great way to describe the collective brilliance of our two guests on this episode of Unbreakable Successs. Tati and Gerry Jiménez are joining you today to share some of their best insights on merging the strategic side of entrepreneurship with the essential element of individual mindfulness. They are the hosts of an amazing podcast call The Mindful Entrepreneur: Business and Life with Purpose and Soul in addition to running their individual businesses. Today get to know their individual and collective journeys toward the success they've achieved. Most of all, you'll discover how you and I can create a business and lifestyle full of consistent achievement, a sense of fulfillment, and a strong and lasting sense of purpose. Speaking of purpose, this amazing sibling duo was kind enough to share a simple yet powerful exercise for helping you connect with your purpose during this season of your business and life. Let's take a look and their brilliant sentence-completion exercise to help you get more clarity about your sense of purpose... I am a _____________ man/woman, (Insert the 'state of being' that describes how you want to be remembered. For me it was caring and empathetic.) who _____________, (Describe what you do or would like to do. I inserted the "coaches", because that's what I love to do in many forms.) so that _____________. (Describe the impact of the first two parts of your exercise. I said, "so that I can help them improve the quality of their business and life.") When I completed this exercise, my sentence says, "I am a caring and empathetic man, who coaches entrepreneurs so that I can help them improve the quality of their business and life." I absolutely love this amazingly quick and powerful exercise to help us get mindful and gain clarity about our purpose. This is definitely a tool that when completed, should leave you with a sentence that gives you energy. Shoot me an email with your completed exercise at hello@aaronkeithhawkins.com. I'd love to know what you're up to! Of course, in addition to being mindful, your business growth requires setting up the right strategies, systems and performance indicators so you can have a tangible means of maximizing and measuring your progress. It's my honor to call these two amazing individuals my friend, and you're going to gain a lot of insights by joining our conversation today. Please do yourself a favor a visit Tati and Gerry at the links below to get more of their support for your business and life. Have a question or comment about this episode? Call me anytime at (888)348-7298. Resources from Unbreakable Success Podcast Episode 47: MeThriving.com Tati's Business Website: TheGeniusSpot.com Gerry's Business Website: VidaFactor.com

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