Episode 10 - Monica And Halley


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Today I speak with Monica and Halley, the co-founders of Everyday Mamas.

Monica is a wife and mother of two, ages seven and two. She is passionate about supporting and encouraging moms in all seasons of life, especially those in unplanned pregnancies. Monica completed her undergraduate degree in political science at the University of South Dakota as a single mom, and then went on to teach middle school and high school American government. She met and then married her husband when her son was two years old, and now, most of her days are spent playing, educating and keeping up with her kids' ever-growing selves. On weekends, you can find her enjoying a good cup of hot coffee before all the crazy family adventures begin.

Halley is a wife and mom of triplet two-year-olds. She spends most of her days drinking coffee and chasing her boys around, trying to appease their ravenous appetites. Halley is originally from Michigan, but moved to Texas as a freshman at the University of Dallas through which, in various ways, she obtained her B.A. and M.B.A., her first job, and her husband. Her favorite thing about Everyday Mamas is the stories that are slowly chipping away at the negative and competitive narratives around motherhood, uniting us all as we try our best to build love at home.

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