WiM060 - The Vervaeke Series | Episode 7 | Religion and Other Sacred Canopies


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John Vervaeke joins me for a deep conversation exploring his work as a cognitive scientist and his YouTube lecture series "Awakening from the Meaning Crisis."

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00:00:00 “What is Money?” Intro
00:00:05 NYDIG
00:01:25 Distributed Cognition Can Be Self-Deceptive
00:05:18 Collapse of the Bronze Age and The Logic of Violence
00:09:44 Economics of Violence: Knighthood and Gunpowder
00:14:26 Insight Machinery: Finding vs. Solving Problems
00:16:31 Distributed Cognition: An Adaptive Response of Ancient Man
00:19:21 General Systems Collapse
00:25:53 Voluntary Exchange and Habermas’s Discourse Ethics
00:31:21 Reconciling Science and Religion?
00:35:33 The Purposes of Religion?
00:39:42 Sacred Canopies: Religion and Money?
00:43:37 Assimilating and Accommodating with Religion
00:45:01 Religion as Distributed Cognition’s Salience Landscaping
00:48:57 Bitcoin as the Lapis Philosophorum
00:53:24 “Symbolic Machinery of Identification Changes Behavior”
00:57:50 “Now We are Becoming Friends”
01:01:52 Theory, Morality, and Virtue Epistemology
01:03:36 Personal Transformations through Bitcoin
01:07:55 “Software Updates” to Distributed Cognition
01:11:37 The Self-Disruption of Social Institutions?
01:12:43 The Old Virtue of Being Understanding

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