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Oscar Wilde nailed it, to live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all. Join me, Briana Gagné, author, girlboss, educator, and self-improvement enthusiast, as I aim to inspire presence, purpose, and connection while we are here on this rock floating through space. Each week, through raw, unedited, storytelling and conversations, I'll have heart-to-hearts with a wide range of guests about all the things that make this life what it is. From topics of well-being to relationships, lifestyle to “balance”, struggle to healing, grief, family, finances, entrepreneurship, spirituality, and everything in between. The aim of this podcast is to connect and inspire through sharing stories because I truly believe everyone has a story and by sharing our stories, we build connection and a sense of purpose. My only hope is each episode gives you just one thing you need to hear, encouraged you to show up whole heartedly, to be present, to motivate you, or maybe just a relatable story that sparks the belly laugh we all need. Give it a listen and if you love the You Are Here podcast, rate it, leave a review, follow Briana on social media @briana_gagne to spread the love. All my love, B

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