After Dark Episode 4: The Haunted Hunts


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[TW: loud scream during intro music! Be careful listening through headphones!]
Welcome to Things in Jars After Dark! In this bonus five-part series, museum curators Melissa and Poppy celebrate their love of all things spooky, scary and spine-chilling with the help of some very special guests…
This week, we sat down with Lead Paranormal Investigator for the Haunted Hunts, Danny Moss. Based at Tatton Old Hall in Cheshire, the Haunted Hunts' collection boasts some of the UK's most terrifying items - including the haunted doll that could give Annabelle a run for her money. Tune in (if you're brave enough!) to learn the spine chilling tale of the Grace doll... and what (who!) lives inside of her....
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Many thanks to Danny Moss and the Haunted Hunts for taking part. Visit their website here:

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