#074 Elizabeth Zion | Your Beginnings Will Not Dictate Your End


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Hello Beautiful People!
On today’s podcast is Elizabeth Zion. Elizabeth is an 18 year old speaker, poet and student who has served on the global youth advisory board for UNICEF and a curated Ted Talk on ‘The need for family reunification; to make families whole again’.

What I personally love about this conversation is Elizabeth’s beautiful spirit of compassion and empathy for those who are experiencing less fortunate circumstances. Elizabeth, born in Ireland to Nigerian parents, experienced homelessness at the age of 14 alongside the experience of not growing up with a father due to him not being granted access to calling Ireland home. From this experience Elizabeth believes that families being together should be a fundamental human right. This conversation unfortunately begins a little muffled but soon enough gives into flow. The conversation certainly becomes emotive and raw in the second half, where Elizabeth shares powerful statements to inspire contribution in us all. Elizabeth’s purpose is to help people experience undesirable situations in a better way, and it is without a doubt that gratitude and faith run through her veins as she shares: “Sometimes I don’t think I deserve the adversity I have experienced because of how big the blessings have been.” A little insight for us all to draw inspiration from.
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00:00 Quote
00:58 Introduction
2:22 My beginnings will not dictate my end
07:53 Growing up without a father as a refugee
15:01 The importance of writing and poetry in this experience
20:40 Why bringing families together is a human right
28:09 Becoming homeless at the age of 14
30:42 The experience of low self-esteem, low dignity & shame
36:47 Helping people to experience undesirable situations in a better way
42:26 The vital lesson of gratitude
49:01 Using your crucible moments to help others
50:39 How to overcome adversity
57:17 What does it mean to you To Be Human?
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