Ricky Strauss: Former Prez Content and Marketing at Disney+ and Prez Participant Media


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Ricky Strauss has worked at the highest levels of both Entertainment Marketing AND is a prolific film producer. He’s also had a significant impact on our culture. Ricky's work as President of Participant Media brought groundbreaking, conversation-starting films that have had lasting impact on the way we think about important issues in our world. More recently in his role as President of Content and Marketing at Disney+, a key figure in its immensely successful launch, he helped us as audiences adapt to what’s possible in terms of excellence in content and navigating through these uncertain times. You could say Ricky’s helped to shape how we experience content, has helped to raise our expectations for how good of an experience it can be and how profound of an impact on our culture content can have.

An Inconvenient Truth (Exec. Prod.)

Fast Food Nation (Exec. Prod.)

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (Exec. Prod.)

Contagion (Exec. Prod.)

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