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Paul Hill was a married father of three who lived in Pensacola, Florida. Hill found his calling at a young age and, after graduating from seminary school, became a pastor. He later realized that he wasn't cut out for the job and instead went into business for himself.

In Pensacola, Paul got very entrenched into the anti-abortion movement. He came to believe that the only way to stop doctors from performing abortions was to kill them. He set out a plan to make that happen at the local clinic where he protested on a daily basis.

Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss the life and crimes of Paul Hill. How did this former minister come to believe that God wanted him to murder a doctor? On that fateful day of July 29th, 1994, Paul not only killed the doctor at the clinic but also shot an elderly couple that had picked up the doctor at the airport. This episode will leave you scratching your head. This man who believed in the sanctity of life so much murdered two people and wounded a third. And in the end, the State took his life for his actions. But to his final day, Paul Hill never wavered in his belief that what he did was right.

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