Ep159 - Dr. Glennon Engleman DDS


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Glennon Engleman was a respected dentist who was admired in the community. What people didn't know was that Engleman moonlighted as a hitman. He wasn't your typical hitman, Engleman concocted his murder for hire schemes with women to murder their husbands and split the insurance money. His crimes spanned a period of over 20 years and his downfall was blabbing about his exploits to his ex-wife who had been wired by the authorities.

Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss the murder for hire dentist, Glennon Engleman. This is a man who is thought to have murdered at least seven people, and many people believe there were many more. And sure, there was money involved in these murder plots. But, it is thought that money was just a small part of the motivation for Engleman. He enjoyed the planning, the chase, and the thought that he was smart enough to outwit the police every step of the way.

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