PILOT: A Candy Quickie


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In today’s show:

The Candy Hangover, how you feel a day after eating too much candy (where we resolve to send one another some not-candy snack in future envelopes)

Mike & Ike – do you combine flavors to make your own cocktail?

Grape is a gross candy flavor, if we’re being honest (so says Teeg – Ryan likes it). No grape tastes like grape candy – and while it’s true that banana candy and watermelon candy don’t taste like bananas or watermelons, they’re at least pleasant tastes.

The Sour Meter for sour candy

How gummy candy makes you happy: if this candy was music, it would be steel drums

Candy con leche – at our advancing age, having a little dairy to go with an onslaught of sugar can help

Ryan’s first time trying Craisins, and how they give you the toots (Ryan needs to eat more fancy salads)

The anticipation of waiting to open the envelopes that we send each other

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