What the Furry Felines Is Going On in Feline Behavior? Tabitha Kucera RVT, CCBC, KPA-CTP


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This week we are thrilled to share the mic with an exceptionally talented and experienced registered veterinary technician who is also an accredited expert in feline behavior. Tabitha Kucera RVT, CCBC, KPA-CTP is a pioneer for veterinary technicians in the area of feline behavior. On this week’s podcast, Tabitha shares her story of becoming an RVT, why she chose to specialize in feline behavior, and what she’s doing today to help make the veterinary world more feline-friendly. This is an entertaining and educational conversation that any veterinary professional will benefit from hearing. Be sure to listen to the entire podcast to find out why Tabitha thinks it’s an excellent idea for feline practitioners to consider enrolling in a Karen Pryor dog training course! Tabitha Kucera’s website: https://www.chirrupsandchatter.com/ Cat-Friendly Practice / American Association of Feline Practitioners: https://catvets.com/cfp/cfp Please take a few seconds to leave us a review on iTunes. Your review helps us grow and makes us feel good inside! Thank you for listening!

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