Viruses and Snow Problems: Hokkaido Winter 2020


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On this episode of the Voices in Japan podcast, Ben and Burke are joined by Mike from New Zealand and Tomoko from Japan. While neither one of them is originally from Hokkaido, they are managing the Rusutsu Lodges (a pension-style accommodation at the Rusutsu Ski Resort.) Mike and Tomoko introduce the area, which is one of the latest ski mountains in Hokkaido to become a popular destination for overseas visitors, as it sits in a very scenic location next to Mount Yotei. At the same time, the coronavirus epidemic has been hitting the tourism industry pretty hard in Hokkaido in late February and March, so they also provide some insights into the current situation, and also talk about some of the reasons for the limited development in the area, including the mindset of Japanese business owners. Enjoy the show!
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