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The audience of this program is some of the Finest and Sharpest Martial Artists in the world. TW Smith brings the stories of martial arts to life by looking at the Culture, Adventures and Impact of Martial Arts, through the lenses of history, research, legends and lore. Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Karate, BJJ and many other systems as well as sports such as MMA are all included. It is designed to serve our martial arts communities today and years down the road. Committed Martial Artists are only a t ...
The mission of Lakas Filipino Martial Arts is to educate, preserve and honor the martial arts from the Philippines as well as those fighting systems born from the Filipino American experience. This vision of this podcast is to capture and share the stories of teachers, instructors and mentors that have not only contributed their life and spirit to martial art, but have helped paint the portrait of who I am today, and what Lakas Filipino Martial Arts continues to develop to be.
Best Selling Authors Lawrence Kane and Kris Wilder
Seeking the best answers to understand martial arts, combat sports and self defense
Karate Chronicles
A place to openly discuss the Martial Arts, Mixed Martial Arts, Martial Arts Training, and Martial Arts Philosophy
Understanding the martial arts journey. Martial arts has a rich history of passing down knowledge through stories. We seek to enrich the martial artists journey through passing down the stories and oral traditions or the arts. We teach a very rare and nearly lost form of Kung Fu called Shou' Shu'. An eight animal system once only taught to a very select few. We seek to spread the knowledge of Shou' Shu' to many so that many can reap it's benefits.
Welcome to the Episode 1 podcast, where amazing things happen.
Thinking out loud to explore Martial Arts.
Karate, martial arts history, tournaments, travel, Japanese and Okinawan culture,and good ol' blood & guts stories we talk about everything martial arts related.
Never serious, mostly wrong but always passionate about Mixed Martial Arts. Our main goal is to make you guys laugh all while making sure we grow the amount of people watching MMA as much as possible.
The podcast where the world's highest Personal Development experts and Martial Arts masters come together to empower and inspire you to become your strongest self and live the life that you truly want. Join host Bogdan Rosu, author, public speaker and the founder of the first Personal Development through Martial Arts School in the world in the Podcast where You become the HERO!
This is the official podcast of Clubb Chimera Martial Arts. Episodes provide insight and reflections on training methodology and the subculture of martial arts. Jamie Clubb, the podcast presenter, is a writer and martial arts/self-protection teacher. He promotes critical thinking and progressive training methods.
Seika Network
The Seika Network was founded by Restita DeJesus and Robert Deahl, and features shows about martial arts, health, fitness, health/fitness related careers,hobbies, sports, motivational subjects, spirituality and other activities. Sundays 6 pm PST (3rd Sundays 11 am PST) :Our flagship show, The Dynamic Dojo, is hosted by martial arts teachers Restita DeJesus and Robert Deahl, and features fun banter, news, tips and interviews regarding martial arts, fitness and health related subjects. Thursda ...
Martial Arts Chat
#mma #martialarts #ufc #cagewarriorsSubscribe on iTunes by searching for Martial Arts Chat like us us on Twitter @Martialartschat
Join me on this kung fu movie podcast and let's discuss, debate, and dissect kung fu movies, martial arts cinema, and action films past, present, and future then interview the people that make them!
Urban Living & Self Defense expert Brody Sorrell will be hosting 4 weekly episodes. Topics range from the modern urban martial artist lifestyle, training, nutrition, travel, music, relationship, survival, as well as martial arts in anime manga and gaming. Follow so you can get the notifications and follow on your favorite social media for all my other amazing martial arts content.Blog: ...
Pete's Podcast
Leadership, Discipline, Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Every Day Living.
Gain deeper insights into the world of internal Chinese gongfu as Sifu Ken Gullette talks with prominent instructors about Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, Baguazhang, Qigong, and the philosophy that guides these amazing martial arts. This is a real-world conversation without the mystical mumbo jumbo -- a No Woo-Woo Zone. You will walk away with deeper knowledge and new inspiration after listening to this fun and insightful conversation.
Enjoy the Hostilities is a mix of Robin's most popular segments which include Fighting is About Fighting, Championship Rounds, Mentality of Combat Sports, Artists of Life, and Ask Robin Black. Plus Robin previews upcoming fight cards from your favourite MMA promotions.
Iain Abernethy has been involved in the martial arts since childhood. Iain holds the rank of 6th Dan with the British Combat Association (one of the world's leading groups for close-quarter combat, self-protection and practical martial arts) and 6th Dan with Karate England (the official governing body for Karate in England). Iain's popular monthly podcasts cover all aspects of practical martial arts and realistic self-protection.
Listen to interviews with martial arts masters from around the world. Learn about the history and development of different styles and how martial arts continue to develop today.
Discussing the history, practice, and evolution of the martial arts.
Black Belt Tips
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu based podcast for everyone. Whether you're new to the art, your kids train the art, or you've been training for a long time, this is for you. Learn about the newest and greatest things in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world. Hosted by Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt under Pedro Sauer, Bill Jones, and Manager of Top Level Martial Arts, Edward Whitney.
James Eke is an author and martial artist with over 38 years experience. Black belts in a number of systems and a certified instructor under legendary martial art Guro Dan Inosanto and a Jiu-Jitsu student under coral belt Master Jean Jacques Machado, Eke runs a successful school in Victoria, BC, Canada, The Eke Academy of Martial Arts. A former journalist and a combat arms Army Captain, Eke brings real-life lessons to his training and teaching. Eke is the author of Warrior's Way: A Guide To ...
A Unified Network of Doctrinally Sound Podcasts for Your Edification & Enjoyment
Joshua Loya lost his eyesight in an accident with nunchucks when he was 15. At the time, he had no meaningful martial arts training. In the years since, he went on to study martial arts in earnest. Joshua continues to train in several different arts, as well as pursue an adventure lifestyle through surfing, skateboarding, rock climbing, skydiving, and jumping off of perfectly good buildings.. Joshua is also an unashamed geek and lover of fantasy, comics, and science-fiction. He shares his ex ...
The one-stop source for all of your boxing and mixed martial arts news from around the internet. Get exclusive interviews, breaking news and much more.
Black Belt Tips
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu based podcast for everyone. Whether you're new to the art, your kids train the art, or you've been training for a long time, this is for you. Learn about the newest and greatest things in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world. Hosted by Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt under Pedro Sauer, Bill Jones, and Manager of Top Level Martial Arts, Edward Whitney.
Side Kick Success
Podcasts for people who want to improve their martial arts business.
The Human Species is evolving. We are heading for an entirely new paradigm. The internet is our collective mind manifested into the world. New (well, actually quite old) ideas like the Law of Attraction, Reincarnation, and Spiritual Awakening are emerging. Meanwhile, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Virtual Reality, and more plan to entirely shift our existence. We MUST talk about the ramifications. That's what this show is all about! Let's Explore -Paul Tokgozoglu
Aikido: Discussed
This is a weekly podcast discussing current issues in the world of Aikido and our trials and tribulations in our art.
Turning Lambs Into Lions - a site for everything Krav Maga, Self Defense and Martial Artists
Join us as we lick our blades, banter and ramble on, and provide in depth reviews of some of our favorite (and not so favorite) Anime, Kaiju, Martial Arts, Chambara, and Asian films. You can find out more about our show, all of our previous episodes, and our show notes at our blog:
Inside BJJ Podcast
News, interviews, and stories from the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, and Submission Grappling. mma,ufc,jiu-jitsu,arts, mixed martial arts, UFC, jiu jitsu, strikeforce,brazilian jiu-jitsu,wrestling,submission grappling
How do I lose weight? What exercises do I need to do? How to stay motivated? These are big questions that fitness coach Jimmy Kim digs into in the Remix My Fitness Podcast. Featuring inspiring guests who have their own inspiration success stories, how they reached their fitness goals, step by step guides on exercise and food for every part of your journey. Each episode is designed to get you to start IMMEDIATE action in your quest to be the BEST version of yourself. Jimmy's speciality is bei ...
Chokdee Academy
Martial arts, thaiboxing, BJJ, MMA, boxing, wrestling, nutrition, strength and conditioning, personal training, mind coaching, hypnotherapy, NLP and Fight stories. HELPING YOU WIN
Unstructured: Informal, dynamic conversations with amazing people.
In the RING. On the MAT. In our LIVES. Everyone is fighting something. Discover the wisdom of Everyday Fighters just like you. Learn winning strategies from experts both inside and outside of the ring.
Dudes of Kung Fu
Two Dudes from New York talking about Kung Fu....and stuff.
Canadian Badger
Don't Like Your World? Change It.
The Warriors Garden Club. “Rather a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.” Interviewing warriors of all types. This podcast grew out of a small martial arts group in my home that eventually became Kungfu Soup Podcast. We will discuss heroes, warriors, gardening, self improvement, motivation, self defense, goals, martial arts, and anything that helps to become a better person than I was yesterday and reach goals tomorrow.
Rear Naked Blokes
Rear Naked Blokes is a discussion between two buddies in podcast form, talking everything from current and controversial happenings of the world, to health and fitness, martial arts, politics, sport and mental health, you could say the underlying tone is mental, physical, and human optimisation. Join us on this ride, we aim to part with our limited knowledge whilst we educate ourselves and navigate this thing we call life.Will we get it right? Probably not, but there will be dad jokes, movie ...
Diligent Loiter
A comedy podcast by comedy duo Nicky and Joe Kenyon
Do you feel that you are evolving at the pace of the world changing around you? Are you interested in holistic health, meditation, Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, other Energy and/or Martial Arts? If so, join our online community dedicated to helping you surf the wave of the conscious human evolution movement sweeping the planet.Please enjoy our sometimes hilarious, sometimes profound dialogs about the best practices, philosophies, and "secrets of the trade" among many world-class experts in the Ener ...
Phoenix MMA
Martial Arts/ philosophy Become a supporter of this podcast:
Bruce Lee Podcast
Join Bruce Lee's daughter Shannon Lee and cultural anthropologist Sharon Ann Lee for a conversation about the life and philosophy of Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee was a famous martial artist, movie star and cultural icon--but his philosophy has caught fire around the world inspiring millions searching for meaning and consciousness. Each episode will dig deep into Bruce’s philosophy to provide guidance and action on cultivating your truest self.“Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless like water. Now ...
Follow your hosts on a trek into Japanese history, from ancient Japan to the end of the Samurai and all points in between - culture, warfare, literature, and interviews. The Official Podcast of the Samurai Archives Japanese History page.
“Don’t Let Them Burn” exists to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and expose the works of darkness!
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Just a brief description about how the back fist technique is extremely underestimated and overlooked
Today's episode is all about mindset and intentions across athleticism, career, fitness, and wellness. You will hear from former podcast guests (on new topics) including top professional and elite athletes, Andia Winslow and Andrew Kalley, and entreprenurs and founders Murray Hidary and Louis Sagar and learn how they leveraged thier athletic mi ...…
Spiritual awakening can bring its own "unique" set of problems... I'm not talking about the "physical symptoms" of spiritual awakening... Want the full breakdown? Listen to this episode of the Podcast with Jax Atlantis: We are talking here about the excuses that folks seem to make to justify their lot in life. Oftentimes, whenever a person disc ...…
Recorded live in Minneapolis at Sisyphus Brewing, Paul and Kjell reunite and share stories of bombing onstage, panic attacks, depression, meds, feeling lazy, future tripping, anger at partners, living in parents' basements, self-doubt, dead-end jobs and self-sabotage. Older episodes can be found ad-free exclusively at Stitcher Premium for $4.99 ...…
Manifesting involves the setting of a powerful intention. When our minds are focused and centered on a clear goal we want to manifest and create, our subconscious mind finds ways to deliver these goals to us as if by magic. How does this work? By going through the process of clearing ourselves of subconscious limiting beliefs and instead settin ...…
This week challenged my ability to be inclusive and to respect diversity. There’s no hiding the fact that I like to see things in “black and white” and that sometimes I think that promoting diversity is more about relativism. So, I was blessed to chat with Dr. Moses Davis, who is a “specialist” when it comes to diversity and inclusion! Enjoy th ...…
Fr. Leo interviews some Australian Dudes (aka Blokes) sharing what it's like to be a Rancher and a Cop in a city of with under 300 people in it.
In this episode we talk about the value of a crisis. In a crisis you find those who are loyal and those who have never been loyal. Powerful lessons and what to do to come out on top.
Just a brief discussion about how so many martial arts are willing to overlook the obvious facts
Where does the Law of Attraction originate? You see, if the Law of Attraction is real, then it had to begin somewhere and be based in some sort of religious, philosophical, metaphysical, or spiritual teaching, right? Did the Law of Attraction originate with "The Secret" book/movie? Not at all. You see, the Law of Attraction actually spawns from ...…
What makes a martial arts instructor bad? If the student get's hurt in a self defense situation because of bad instruction, is that the responsibility of the martial arts instructor? These answers and more in the new Martial Arts Podcast - House of the Monkey.The House of the Monkey Podcast features four different martial arts youtubers: Santia ...…
Urban Living and Self-Defense expert Brody Sorrell explains why and what it is to learn Martial Arts & Self-Defense. You have to hear this if you want to increase the over quality and happiness in your life. Get my weekly newsletter loaded with physical and mental tips, tri, ks and secrets for a healthier body, mind, and soul at http://www.brod ...…
Attendance and why it is useful at one level and utterly meaningless in another. The confusion of a public system of education and a martial arts school. The old P.E. (Physical Education) Coach. And the fond memories of the structure and herding of young, stupid boys (I know oxymoron). Then a transition to the Universities and martial arts scho ...…
Christianity And Why I Left Christianity Ruled My World. From the time I was practically a baby until I was seventeen years old, the Christian religion controlled most of my world. Even after I had “left the church” at age seventeen, I still carried the “shackles” of my Christian upbringing for many years and did not fully relinquish myself fro ...…
Just a brief discussion about how martial art practitioners who searched for peace tend to make better martial artists
Being healthy in today’s modern world can be a challenge… When it comes to evolving our consciousness and taking our lives to the next level, everything must begin with taking care of our physical bodies… “The temple for the soul” as it has been called. In the 21st century, integrating healthy lifestyles into our busy and technologically advanc ...…
A brief discussion about how three men in a mixed martial arts school literally did nothing while a man assaulted a woman in front of them
James Eke takes a look at Samurai legend and woman warrior Tomoe Gozen and we talk about the importance of having more women in the martial arts not just in classes but in leadership roles. He also answers questions about children in the martial arts.
Luke Thomas speaks to UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway about his title defense against Brian Ortega at UFC 231, his health, more (19:33); Rener Gracie about training Ortega, Ortega's title fight against Holloway, his effort to help Syrian refugee with bullying, more (1:21:29); Michael Chandler about his impending title fight against Bren ...…
In this episode I share a story of martial arts, of reconciliation that dates back many many years and I think is one of the essence of the martial arts I hope you enjoy.
This week we have an interview with author Paul Kindzia. During the interview we cover many on and off the mat lessons Jiu-Jitsu brings to us. Paul also talks about his book Master Jiu-Jitsu Master Life. We talk about: What got him interested in martial arts as a kid Finding BJJ as an adult Situations in his life that lead to an unhealthy lifes ...…
Danilel Bolleli is a writer, university professor, martial artist, and host of the Drunken Taoist podcast and the History On Fire podcast. He is the author of several books on philosophy, and martial arts, including On the Warrior's Path, Create Your Own Religion and his latest book Not Afraid. In the first HOH co-release, we dive into a bunch ...…
What is conscious evolution? Higher consciousness is the idea that the human experience will begin to shift as we collectively increase in our awareness and personal development. We begin to shift into a higher collective experience because we are beginning to recognize and utilize our abilities as creative forces here on earth. Conscious evolu ...…
WELCOME TO THE VERY FIRST ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION!On Today's episode we discuss Overgeared up to Chapter 888!This discussion has spoilers, so be forewarned.I'm joined today by Elite Choob, IRONDOGKILLER, and MrBaconator1588 to discuss Overgeared. We talk all of the themes of the novel, the character development, and what we like and don't like - ...…
What Is At The Center Of Reality? What is the fabric of the universe? What is the fundamental building block of creation? For centuries, philosophers, scientists, kings, and influential folk have sought to determine the answer to this question. Dating back to ancient Greece, there have been theories of a fundamental form such as an atom that is ...…
Just a brief discussion about how we all fall victim to time, and what that can look like if we aren't prepared for it.
I had the great pleasure of speaking with Monte A. Melnick, the former tour manager of the legendary rock band, The Ramones. For over 20 years the Ramones toured the world playing to adoring and loyal audiences; but it is only now, over 20 years after their retirement, that their contributions to music are fully appreciated. Monte was there thr ...…
Our marriage isnt perfect... listen to Jose and Jana share their wisdom on responding to each other.
One of her first memories is seeing her mother's boyfriend shot dead in front of her at four years-old. The mother she adored was fiercely protective of her except when it interfered with her dangerous lifestyle. A great chat about mental health - especially among POC -, complicated relationships with mothers, the cycles of generational dysfunc ...…
Why is it important to overcome our limiting beliefs? Limiting Beliefs Hold Back Innovation. Overcoming limiting beliefs is a popular topic in the entrepreneur community. Whether you are listening to Tony Robbins or Grant Cardone, there are hundreds of examples of accomplished entrepreneurs who discuss the importance of improving mindset, build ...…
Questions from listeners on when to call it quits, mental prep for fights, long term athletic development, parenting, mentality of a beginner and value of titles.
This episode we continue our look at the relations between Ryukyu (Okinawa), the Shimazu clan, and the Bakufu, and Okinawa's eventual invasion in 1609. Support the podcast on Patreon: Shopping on Use our link: Support this podcast: Samurai A ...…
David Allemann, is the Co-Founder of On, an incredibly cool performance running company that began with one professional athlete’s quest for the perfect shoe and a revolutionary idea!Today that shoe concept and design has evolved into a worldwide running sensation and global brand. Their proprietary CloudTech® technology has shifted the paradig ...…
This is a special podcast because it was one of the first recordings for this show a few years ago. I really didn’t know what I was doing, and it was a different format and idea of what the show is today. But, I liked this interview so much I had to put it out as an episode. So, I hope you enjoy this fun podcast with a few very unique people in ...…
Milkywhale was born out of a performative project for dance school and has become one of Iceland's most inventive pop artists. Today’s we’re talking to one half of the duo, Melkorka Magnusdottir, about entrepreneurialism.
The law of attraction has re-entered the cultural spotlight in the modern world. Thousands of people around the world are wondering how to manifest money, love, greater spiritual development, or any number of desires. Susan Scotts joins this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien to discuss how to manifest a great career. Susan is a coach who has done e ...…
Bumper sticker Philosophy; the content may be of value and simplicity sought, but is it really a way to function? How a frozen lake on New Year’s Day taught a group about how to follow through to complete a lesson. The work ethic can be learned and can be installed, competitiveness is baked in. Then the, “We’re all in this together,” How real a ...…
Change your relationships change your life. Live the life you dream about.
This episode of the Minimal Multisport Podcast is with one of the best short-course triathletes in the world, Cam Dye. The big news for Cam is that he recently announced his retirement from the sport, after a very successful career. More importantly, however, he is super down to earth, and I’m not just saying that as the standard thing you’re s ...…
Is Safetyism Tyranny? Is difficulty an important part of life? Is it essential for life to have some element of hardship? In today’s world, there is a movement towards what’s been called “Safetyism” Safetyism refers to the idea of protecting children against the harshness of the world. Jax Atlantis is here on the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast to t ...…
Are Esoteric practices like astrology, divination, and magic at the basis of every great age of mankind? From the Renaissance to the Industrial Revolution, the next giant leap forward in human achievement seems to be accompanied by the same esoteric practices and ideas... On today’s episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, Michael Nnebe “the Peace Dealer ...…
What is Synchronicity? Synchronicity is a powerful force that seems to be “the universe” attempting to relay some sort of message… Ash Cotter is an expert in synchronicity, numerology, and consciousness evolution. Today on the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast, we are diving into this topic in the attempt to answer the question “What is synchronicity? ...…
Just a brief discussion about how the martial arts can help us tackle some of the world's biggest and most important issues
Today we interviewed Karen Eden, author, inspirational speaker, martial arts instructor, founder of the Eden Assignment, radio host and much more.
James Eke takes a tackle of Jocko’s Good from the Jocko Podcast and the book Disciple Equals Freedom. We also look at frustration in our training and what to do about it.
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