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Todd Haug & Chris Boggess of 3 Floyds Brewing & I have a conversation about how they coped with 2020, their 1st brews, how they got into the world of Craft Beer, the soundtrack of their youth, their 1st shows, the 1st Metal Brewery, the surge of new Metal themed breweries, Collaborating with bands, Dark Lord Day & their hangover cures.

Throughout this chat, Todd was drinking Dark Matter Coffee's "Vanilla Suburbs", Chris was drinking Devils Backbone Brewing Company's Lager & I was enjoying Beauregard Brasserie Distillerie‘s “Impériale Macadam”! This Imperial Stout was brewed with Macadamia Nuts & Madagascar Vanilla & was aged in Bourbon barrels. It poured out with a pitch black veil, slapped a boozy bourbon nose, smashed an ultra sweet, sticky, nutty & vanilla booze filled finish. It clocked in with a 11.1% ABV.

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Photo Credit: Lindsay Gallup

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