Killing Eve SNACK - Fated Lovers Part I


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As we get closer to the end of the season, the muses have gotten completely out of control, and as a result we present yet another 3 part snackisode for you all. In this episode we start off with a tribute to the ship we always knew I never wanted- Keraldine. We also dive into our corrections for this week and a host of article revelations including what Owen McDonnell revealed during his reddit AMA.

As always, if you have any thoughts (or feelings) about a topic we discussed or Polastri theories of your own to share, please do so by emailing us at or hitting us up on social media. Episode chapter marks + relevant links are below. Follow us on all the things for daily screaming about #Villaneve #EveOnHerKneesforVillanelle2020 #VillanelleOnHerKneesforEve2020 #DarkEveRising @wellwellvillanelle @wellvillanelle

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Chapter Marks:

:30 - What's buzzin cuzzin? Live in Ronatine


11:05 - The missing deleted moment between Carolyn and Daddy K

12:27 - Correcting Paddy Power yet again


14:41 - The Irena PB&J reveal

16:21 - A chat with the Killing Eve cast after the finale with Variety

19:15 - Some of our faves from Owen's Reddit AMA

31:02 - GMA interview with Jodie on Killing Eve and life with COVID-19

43:08 - Owen talks to Uproxx about Niko's departure

57:02 - A year of pain courtesy of Eve Polastri

1:00:35 - A Reddit thread connecting scenes with Irena with The Lady in Red

1:06:36 - The last time Villanelle was stabbed she was emotionally compromised

1:07:20 - The got Gerladine fucked up!!

1:09:08 - The series finale for Killing Eve was just delivered

1:10:40 - Fandom calls for "Where is Eve" makes the news

1:18:45 - Sneak peeks for episode 7


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