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Do you often get stuck on what is good for your body and what isn’t?! We are ALL different and our bodies respond differently to different foods! There is no ONE PILL, or ONE DIET, or ONE THING that is going to help you to feel and look your healthiest, but we CAN be more aware of WHAT we’re eating and HOW it is going affect our bodies! My guest today is an intuitive eating coach, certified Yoga instructor, and integrative chef, Christin Henke! Christin has not only helped others in knowing how to listen to their bodies and eat according to what will fuel them, but has tried and experienced so many different “diets” and “fads” that plague our world! When she was literally told she wasn’t allowed to do any form exercise besides Yoga after an injury, she discovered a whole new world of nutrition by creating healthy meals that also taste AMAZING through cooking classes and sheer determination!! In today’s episode we talk all things nutrition! Ways to determine which foods make your body go crazy, how to get great protein sources from foods other than meats, how to know if your body might be lacking in certain vitamins and minerals depending on the “cravings” you have, and of course Artificial sweeteners! In This Episode: Intro Christin’s story (2:55) Christin talks about what Intuitive eating is (9:28) We discuss the process of cutting out certain foods from your diet (13:07) Benefits of Intuitive eating (15:37) Stabilizing your body with good nutrition to curb cravings (19:36) What you can do to choose healthier options of certain cravings (20:52) Vegan and Vegetarian protein sources she recommends (26:35) The Core Four of Nutrition (33:45) The skinny on artificial sweeteners (34:00) Christin’s self-care practices (40:59) How to get a hold of Christin (44:52) You can find me at: @altHertribe Some great resources on sugar and artificial sweeteners 46 sneaky names for sugar: An article on agave syrup: Check out my website at Follow me on social media @cortnilynnwellness on Instagram and Cortni Garcia on Facebook

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