Deborah Buell Interview Ep #5


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My interview with Deborah Buell, a Holistic practitioner, Certified Health Coach, and Nutrition/joyful living expert! 1:04 Introduction to Deborah Buell 2:26 Deborah's Story, how she became invloved with Holistic living 5:20 Things that were helpful for her daughter who was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 6:15 Plant based diet benefits 7:50 Busy Badge of Honor 9:20 Better environment, better food 10:00 How to live a more anti-inflammatory life 11:20 High and low vibration food 16:32 Activities to decrease stress/inflammation 18:13 The Breakfast Experiment 20:00 Signs of food sensitivities 21:12 Things you can do to narrow down your food sensitivities 22:50 Thoughts on "food is medicine and medicine is food" 24:10 We can use food to harm or honor our bodies, it's a choice 24:33 "Our bodies are the temple for our souls" 25:55 What you eat affects your body, our bodies change every seven years 27:09 "I deserve a treat mentality" 27:40 Most common things encountered with clients 29:30 Get to be a lifestyle detective 30:50 Successful transformation 31:25 Stress about getting it "right" 32:12 Learning to love yourself where you are right now 33:00 First law of spirit, Acceptance 34:10 What Deborah is currently working on 37:40 Where can you find Deborah Buell You can reach Deborah at: Instagram: @deborahbuell Facebook:

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