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the mrbrown show
mrbrown (Kin Mun Lee) is the Blogfather of Singapore, satirist, writer, lyricist, traveler, photographer, cyclist, gamer, and podcaster. Papa of Faith, Isaac & Joy.
ONE FM 91.3's Glenn Ong and The Flying Dutchman with Andre Hoeden and Shaun Tupaz - Bringing you the greatest laughs and latest news this side of the world. @Glennn@FDOne@Shaun_Tupaz@AndreHoedenFollow us on Social Media
Not Again Podcast
Hi, Gary here, and this is the website for Not Again Podcast. This is my podcast, where I talk to people about things. These things can be sometimes serious, sometimes personal, and sometimes people will say ‘cool, what am I going to do with this now.’
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Today on the show, we discuss the "Alfa" Man, we share the jokes we like and answered some phone calls about our Singapore Airlines uniforms.
Today on the show, we shared our picks for the most handsome man in Singapore and what Superhero power did your mother have? The Coffeeshop Gang talked street names. Can you pronounce "Kadayanallur"?
Danielle West being the author of her own biography, "Girls Can't Be in the Mafia", reveals the secret about surviving middle age and dealing with suicide. We discuss about how to spite our enemies at the end of the day. Danielle shares the story that wasn’t in the book and figuring out her sister. Danielle also talks about learning how to unde ...…
Today on the show we found out the happiest country in the world and celebrated our flashbacks in Hashtag wars! Also find out who won todays Friday Free For All!
Today on the show, which is the most expensive city in the world, marmite pizza, what are the top reasons for quitting a job and we spoke to Rugby World Cup Champion Piri Wepu from the All Blacks!
Kim Huat reads the news - 20th March 2019 a production of
Would you pay for the use of the garbage chute? Glenn's legendary Top 5 list. What makes us feel good and the most iconic dance scenes in history!
At The Coffeeshop DIck Thambi and Pak Satay talk about CCTVs. What did Dick Thambi get up to when he was younger? Today we also held Glenn's Court. What was our take on the maid abuse case. What does Glenn want to have done.
Today we talked about our teens. Are our teen too soft? We asked our fans. You can check out more comments on our Facebook page - Glenn and The Flying Dutchman. We also found out what would make our home, Dream Homes.
Being exposed to stand up comedy, Azeem and I tells how stand up comedy got exposed to India and how it affected his conversation about faith and politics in his own home and country. He tells me how the Indian Government plays a part in the internet trolls and how to identify them. Azeem shares the history of India and the politics of Northeas ...…
I talked about my time in reservist. I am annoyed by Physical Proficient Test. I reveals the fear of my new job and a job etiquette. It seems like I fear about being really happy and looking for the nice things in my life to crash. I talked about the show "Gary's Getting Drunk". I also talked about failures in lower point in life. Not Again Pod ...…
Today we spoke about a taxi driver who charged $50 to return a phone and then asked for a commendation to his employer so he could get extra points. What did our fans think? At The Coffeeshop, Short Fart and Pak Satay spoke about insurance scams.
Today for the first time, The Table of Truth was open in the studio. So we could sample Nasi Lemak. Glenn still can't pronounce "Lemak". Anyone wants to give him lessons? In Hashtag Wars, we added stress to movies and tv titles.
Kim Huat reads the news - 13th March 2019 a production of
Today we gave tips on how to make new friends. One of the tips was physical contact. So we asked the questions "to touch or not to touch?" At The Coffeeshop, Dick Thambi and Ah Lim spoke about good luck charms and camels
Today the crew met the cast from Matilda, Mr and Mrs Wormwood and the 4 youth ladies who play Matilda. We are in love! In Hashtag Wars we all needed to get away!
Kim Huat reads the news - 11th March 2019 a production of
Today we discovered we're all liars! Everyone has lied in our relationships. What lies have our fans told? At The Coffeeshop, Simone and Rajoo put on a performances worthy of the Oscars.
After moving to Singapore at age 13, Kane share how he deals with grief of losing his father and the love letter to his grandmother when he does an interview with the local comedians. He shares the cultural difference growing up south of London and in the heartlands of Singapore. He reminisce the time he had with his parents, telling how his up ...…
Today is International Women's Day and we spoke to Chris Hortin Tan, a visually impaired athlete. She is very inspirational.
Today we picked up on an IGTV star's question to taxi drivers. "Who should i pick, the man who is good to me or the man who is rich?" We also took the #NosyChallenge, typing "The Quick Brown Fox"with our noses. Who was better? Try your hand at it.
At The Coffeeshop Simone and Rajoo talked about a dead rat found in a packet of rice. Do you know what a Basmatic person is? Today we spoke to Dr Scott Hicks, Oscar nominated, Emmy award winning film maker. He put Glenn and FD through a mini audition. What were his thoughts?
Today we played a quickie "Flying Cars" not made in Malaysia. The game will be played each day this week. And in Hashtag Wars we find the cure for insomnia.
Today we launched our 1st Table of Truth video. What did our fans have to say about Arnold's? At The Coffeeshop, Dick Thambi and Ah Lim spoke about Malaysia's Flying Car. How high will it fly?
Starting her standup career in Brisbane, Australia, Ting Lim and I discuss about the different things that the audience laughs at in Singapore and Brisbane. Ting tells me why she dropped out of school in Singapore and her pet peeves while studying in Brisbane. She tells me the line that she draws when people giving advice and bookers telling he ...…
Today we asked ourselves what studio questions we would ask if we hosted the red carpet. At The Coffeeshop, Short Fart and Pak Satay talk about teeth in your food. Ouch.
Kim Huat reads the news - 28th February 2019 a production of
So, Nike has released a commercial that causing a stir on the internet. What are our thoughts and what does former Olympian and National Swimmer, Mix Martial Artist and Motivational Speaker May Ooi think. In Hashtag Wars we tried to handle #DenimMusic. Of course Glenn sang again.
Okay this is a bit late and unexpected. I talk a bit about why I am able to upload this episode, the 2 books I am reading (Girls can't be in the mafia and The Minorities) and the book I am unable to finish in a decade (The Quest For a Moral Compass: A Global History of Ethics). I share what I have realised after rewatching Stephen Chow's movies ...…
Singapore is the 8th healthiest country in the world! Great, but at number 7 was Australia, described as the only english speaking minion in the top 10. What! We don't speak english. At The Coffeeshop, Honky Tong and Ah Lim speak about the Trump-Kim summit in Vietnam.
Kim Huat reads the news - 26th February 2019 a production of
So "Road Rage" has now spread to cyclist. Was it justified? We discussed it with our fans. And At The Coffeeshop, the ever lovable Simone and Rajoo talked about The Oscars.
Today it was all about food! We began out hunt for the best fried chicken in Singapore. Who do our fans think serves the best friend chicken and do we agreed? In Hashtag Wars, we foodified Rom-Coms.
Mo Sidik is a stand up comic/ actor from Jarkata, Indonesia. He tells me how Bahasa Indonesia standup comedy got popular, how stand up comedy was brought in to Indonesia and the story that how the guy who brought comedy into Indonesia, set a room up with English speaking audience members for Indonesian comedians who as English as their second l ...…
Today At The Coffeeshop, Dick Thambi and Pak Satay discussed the python that was found outside Tang Plaza. And in Hashtag Wars, we developed our own spa treatments.
What a day! We interviewed some amazing people. Triathletes, Henri Schoeman and Emma Jeffcoat, here for the Super League Triathlon and The Harlem Globetrotters ICE and DRAGON who will be in Singapore April 5th with the team for some great basketball.
Today on the show, we find our about U.S President Donald Trumps tariffs treats, what we learned from our mothers and in Hashtag Wars: #OfficeSpaceSongsBands
I talk about the problem of doing a resume and having an academic certification. I also reflected on valentine's day and an acquaintance's Facebook post. First time going to drag show, I was pretty much wowed. I processed a compliment I think. Not Again Podcast Facebook Page: Not Again Podcast website: ...…
So 2 Japanese ladies have opened an agency to match Japanese women with Singaporean men, complimenting our men to the high heavens. What do our male fans think? At The Coffeeshop, Honky Tong and Ah Lim discuss the supermoon. Wait for the end.
Today we relived our childhood, when we open up about the best things we did as kids. I wonder if kids today have as much fun as we did. In Hashtag Wars we destroyed some of the best movies ever with #HorrorAnyMovie
Today Glenn was introduced to the TechoGym Group Cycle Connect, so he can train for the Super League Triathlon. At The Coffeeshop, Short Fart and Ah Lim spoke about raids on massage parlours.
Growing up in Mongolia, Bataa had always been a city dweller and he tells me that it is also hard for him to be in the nomadic lifestyle. He tells me how the city culture had seep into the countryside and the nomadic lifestyle of Mongolia. I asked about the stand up comedy scene in Mongolia. Bataa explained the logistic of having his own comedy ...…
So should a woman chip in to pay for the engagement ring of her dreams? That's what we talked about today. Listen for the last phone call. At The Coffeeshop, Rajoo gave Simone a special Valentine's gift.
A Malaysian minister applies for a new job with his extensive academic qualifications. a production of
Today we gave our fans some fact about Valentine's Day and for those who had no plans we tried to save the day. And in Hashtags Wars we revealed what Valentine's gifts we would give our exes.
I try to figure out what people do in Valentine's Day, annoyed by people calling it a Friendship Day and paying for sex. I talk about having an all women show and the news article where people critic a girl's attire. Bowtie Productions Facebook page: Not Again Podcast Facebook Page: https://www.face ...…
Today on the show, we found out what makes Singaporeans feel stressed. And At The Coffeeshop, Ah Lim and Short Fart discussed the pulling down of an ERP gantry.
Today we talked about a viral video of a confrontation on the MRT and what security measures are in place And in Hashtag Wars, we revealed what give us confidence. It ranged from mirrors to farts.
We introduced a new game today! Glenn and FD's Best Game Ever! At The Coffeeshop Dick Thambi and Pak Satay discussed the Merdeka package.
Rishi Budhrani returns to Not Again Podcast and we discuss about the word “content”, what is good content and controversy over a beer. I have asked about having setbacks and failures in show business and Rishi tells me the philosophy that guide him through with all the obstacle in life. Rishi confesses the darkest moment in his life and how he ...…
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