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Podcast by The Art of Manliness
Knowledge For Men
Today's most successful men share their life lessons to help you reach your full potential in the areas of masculinity, wealth, freedom, relationships, and personal growth. Every show is jam packed with actionable tips and insights that will propel you forward to become the man you want to become. Join us at for recaps of every interview as well as an incredible gold mine of resources to help you live the greatest life possible. Prepare to grow into the strongest vers ...
Bringing real men's perspectives; unfiltered, unapologetic. Recorded live in the Living Podcariously studio in World Famous Cocoa Beach, FL. Hosted by Adam, Tach, Jay and Andrea Joy!
a show about stuff guys love, brought to you by the ultimate guy's girl. join aisha tyler (archer, the talk, whose line is it anyway) and her iconoclastic guests for another season of uncensored, unapologetic rants on art, drinking, music, video games, sports, sex, self-destruction, mayhem, and getting sh*t done. plus the weekly installments of “self-inflicted wounds" and "the apologia." girl on guy is stuff. guys. love.
We are the Tasteless GentlemenWe are not merely three men voicing our opinions of the world and the idiots which comprise it. We are the voices of men the world over. Men who have traversed the battlefield of love and life and returned harder (insert infantile chuckle here), better, faster, and stronger. We are the balls of men who have long since consigned their own genitals to wives, fiances, and girlfriends. We are the jerks you love to hate... and love to love. Why? Because we are men wi ...
The New Man
Advice for Men to Align Career, Sex, Relationships, and Money
Speak Your Strength is a series of conversations with real people, discussing topics a lot of people shy away from.With a heavy focus on mental health, we give people a platform to share their stories to help inspire yours.We dive deep into darker times, but also discuss the recovery and the key lessons learnt throughout.It's time we started a conversation around mental health, and it's time you joined that conversation.About the host: Paul lost his Dad to suicide in 2009. Shortly after he f ...
The Modern Mann
Amazing stories, emerging trends and sex advice - with Olly Mann, Alix Fox and Ollie Peart. We're the magazine show for the modern world, with great music and incredible interviews. Get in touch or buy us a beer at See You Next Tuesday!
If you want to change the world, you must change the values held dear by the entrepreneurs who inhabit it. is for entrepreneurs who want to achieve greatness. Who wants to leave their mark on the world, and create a legacy of honor, integrity, and achievement in every aspect of their lives. Join the community as we bring mentors into your world who can help you build a life of excellence in business, relationships, health, finance, and legacy. Learn more at ww ...
Renegade Radio is a show dedicated to helping you cut the through the clutter, confusion, and BS so you can live a strong, simple life. Your host, Jay Ferruggia, is a world-renowned strength coach and trainer with 25 years of professional experience. He’s transformed the bodies and minds of professional athletes, Hollywood stars, military personnel, and thousands of regular, everyday people. If you want faster gains in the gym, unshakable self-confidence, improved focus, and the relentless d ...
We are reclaiming what it means to be a man. Each week we interview the world’s most successful men on the planet - elite athletes, warriors, New York Times Bestselling Authors, and world-class entrepreneurs – extract their hard-fought lessons and experience and deliver them straight to you. Past guests include Jocko Willink, Tim Kennedy, Andy Frisella, Lewis Howes, Grant Cardone, Ryan Holiday, Ben Greenfield, Rich Roll, and so many more. If you’re ready to level up your life as a man, this ...
Real Mindset Training For Functional Athletes. Whether you're a CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting or whatever else, this is for you. No woo-woo bullshit. No manifesting. Just proven methods to improve your performance in training and competitions. Want to push harder in WODs? We've got you Want to develop rock-solid self-belief? Yep, that too. Feel like you're stuck in your growth as an athlete (and human)? Yeah, we will work on that too.
Dating advice, Sex advice and Relationships Advice or relationship advice for Men. Learn how to talk to women, how to improve confidence, improve relationships and how to have great sex. Interviews include dating experts, dating coaches, pick up artists (PUA), scientists, relationship counsellors and psychologists. All with dating tips, relationship tips and sex tips.
Who else wants to feel healthy, develop a lean physique, six pack abs, and grow stronger? Not just in the gym but mentally, build more discipline, grit and become the ultimate man you envision yourself becoming. Lean ripped and healthy is dedicated to helping men achieve their "Hall of Fame" body inside and out, by sharing strategies, tested exercise and nutrition methods, research and stories from people who are a few steps and ahead in this journey. Join the brotherhood and grab a Barbell ...
ManTalks Podcast
The ManTalks Podcast is where self-motivated men, just like you, come to learn from a diverse mix of experienced mentors on how to be better Fathers, Husbands, Boyfriends, Brothers, Leaders and Entrepreneurs. Interviews have included the world's best professional and academic minds, scientists, relationship experts, entrepreneurs, bestselling authors, and other inspiring men. This show will make you a better Father, Husband, Boyfriend, Brother, Leader, Entrepreneur -- overall -- a better man ...
From sinners to saints, kings to commoners, rock stars and regular folks. Everyone is here and they’re sharing their stories. Sit down and grab a beer with the men of The Mens Room.
Podcast by Men's Health
Coffee W/ Toffees
A Esports morning show focusing mainly on Dota 2
“Man School” is where men talk about the life experiences that left them with some new life-skills. It’s an fun and entertaining way for guys to hear about becoming a better man. Hosted by Caleb Bacon.
The Gentlemen’s Brotherhood Podcast seeks to inspire the modern man to continuously pursue excellence in all areas of his life. To lead by example by living life as a true gentleman. You have probably noticed that our society seems to be losing its manners and morals. We can’t surrender to these trends and must instead be courageous in our re-discovery of The Lost Art of The Gentleman. The Gentlemen’s Brotherhood Podcast seeks to inspire the modern man to continuously pursue excellence in al ...
Danny Wallace and Pete Donaldson guide you through the tricky world of being a modern man. Masters of Man Time with Just for Men is packed with utterly trivial information, but you might laugh (a bit).
Movember Podcast
We talk about the real shit. The everyday reality faced by the modern man.In conversations with inspirational people from across the globe, we hear real stories about dealing (and sometimes not dealing) with life’s challenges, drawing out the tools that lead to a happier, healthier and longer life.
Kenism is not a religion. It's not a cult. Hell it's not even an organization. Kenism is a way of life, a mindset for men, the key to liberty.
Romeo And...
Podcast on men, dating, and the media. Host Street Saint analyzes your personal stories and fictional narratives to find out what it means to be a man.
Walls Down
Mike and Walker explore stories of masculinity.
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Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!
Emails, Ted goes for redemption against the FCC! Plus Bad Jokes and the Shot of the Day!
Mens Room Question: What good news or good thing has happened to you lately?
Mens Room Question: What good news or good thing has happened to you lately?
Jayson Gaddis discusses Relationship Warrior, why we tolerate draining relationships, fighting, and a lack of sex. Are we doomed to be dissatisfied as the wimp or the posturing jerk? Plus, why erectile dysfunction most likely isn’t a medical issue.Crush procrastination and mental resistance. Click here to learn the same mindset principles that ...…
Getting over a divorce or break-up is not an easy thing to do. If you've been with a woman for any amount of time, learning to let go and move on can pose some very real challenges. Today, I discuss three strategies to get over a divorce/break-up and make yourself a more capable man moving forward. Join our exclusive brotherhood, the Iron Counc ...…
The listener Q&A returns this week with some great info. I start out by giving a brief recap of WrestleMania week. Then I talk about my current diet, what my training has been like for the last two years and what it will look like going forward. In addition to that discussion and a few other tangents I answer your questions on topics including: ...…
Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!
Emails, Ted's Meat & Potatoes has some grocery store psychology! Plus No S Sherlock and the Shot of the Day!
Lacking motivation? Not accomplishing the things you know you WANT & NEED to do? Well, you're not alone. Many people struggle to feel motivated. But the reason why many people cant get motivated might surprise you. In this mini episode, I share why so many people lose and struggle to accomplish what they know they want to do, and share how you ...…
When you invite people over for a dinner party, you likely think of some delightful conversation topics to bring up to keep your guests engaged. My guest today argues that one of those topics should be death. His name is Michael Hebb and he’s the founder of Death Over Dinner, an organization that encourages folks to have dinner parties to talk ...…
Welcome to the Mike Dillard Podcast, where entrepreneurs like you get the knowledge and skills you need to bring your dreams to life. Well gang, today we’re joined by my good friend Hal Elrod who has an incredibly simple, but absolutely life-changing mind-model to share with you today that he calls, the Miracle Equation. Now if you’ve heard Hal ...…
Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!
Emails, Who Sucks Less is back! Plus The Word and the Shot of the Day!
Mens Room Question: Tell us about the epic fart
Mens Room Question: Tell us about the epic fart
Today, Kipp Sorensen and I talk about leading from the front, communicating with co-workers, moving on from relationships, relocating to Maine, staying true to yourself, and so much more… Join our exclusive brotherhood, the Iron Council. Support Order of Man by picking up some new merchandise in our store.…
Lee Ellis is President and Founder of Leadership Freedom® and FreedomStar Media™. For more than fifteen years he has served as an executive coach and a corporate consultant in the areas of hiring, teambuilding, leadership development, and succession planning. His clients include Fortune 500 senior executives and C-Level leaders in a variety of ...…
We are joined in studio by Duff McKagen of Guns n Roses and his wife Susan!
Emails, Duff McKagen from Loaded, Velvet Revolver and Guns N Roses joines us in studio! Plus Ask the Mens Room and the Shot of the Day!
Mens Room Question: What good or horrible thing did your pet do?
Mens Room Question: What good or horrible thing did your pet do?
We all know that testosterone is one of the key hormones that drives much of our masculine behavior. What you may not know is that testosterone levels are trending downward for men of all ages. While those who see lower testosterone levels in themselves are racing towards testosterone replacement therapy, there are many natural ways to address ...…
Emails, Your Guess is as Good as Mine Categories: Concerts and Baseball! Plus Mens Room Rules and the Shot of the Day!
The world of Norse mythology and legend is a thoroughly fascinating one, and my guest has captured it in all its compelling mystery in his book which retells those stories, called Tales of Valhalla. His name is Martyn Whittock and today he takes us on a gripping tour of Norse culture and myth. We begin the show discussing who the Norse people w ...…
It's time once again for the Random Question Question!
It's time once again for the Random Question Question!
Harris O’Malley (AKA Dr. NerdLove) is an Austin-based, syndicated advice columnist and dating coach who provides geek dating advice at Paging Dr. NerdLove and his bi-weekly advice column “Ask Dr. NerdLove” on Kotaku. He and his work has been featured on Nightline, Fusion TV, The Guardian, New York Magazine, The Huffington Post, Wired, Sex Nerd ...…
Ryan Stewman is a high-performance sales coach and trainer who went from spending two stints in federal prison to building a multiple seven figure income. He is the author of several best-selling books including Kick-Ass, Bulletproof Business, Elevator to the Top, and Hardcore Closer. Favorite Success Quote “You gotta take action before you can ...…
Emails, Ted makes a come back vs the FCC! Plus Bad Jokes and the Shot of the Day!
Mens Room Question: What story do you always begin with "This is going to sound disgusting"?
Mens Room Question: What story do you always begin with "This is going to sound disgusting"?
My guest today is the Immigrant Edge and The American Dream. He’s the founder and CEO of Fit Body Bootcamp, author of the best-selling book “Man Up,” and one of the most successful and iconic figures in the fitness industry. Most importantly, he is an amazing human being and a man I’m proud to call one of my best friends, Bedros Keuilian. In th ...…
It’s extremely important that we initiate our boys into manhood. Today, I give you seven specific strategies and elements of an initiation that you can incorporate with the young men under your watch to help them develop into the man they’re meant to be. Join our exclusive brotherhood, the Iron Council. Connect with us on Instagram and Twitter ...…
Well today’s interview is pretty special because I get to tell you about a movie that is launching this week, that I was asked to play a small role in. The movie is called Money Revealed, and it was produced by my friend Jeff Hayes, and his business partner Patrick Gentempo who is our guest today. Patrick has a fascinating story as a once-upon- ...…
Emails, Ted's Meat & Potatoes is back! Plus No S Sherlock and the Shot of the Day!
This week I recap my 5 day, 3,200 mile, journey across America with my father-in-law. I got the chance to drive him to my wedding and I spent some time interviewing him along the way. While I don’t share his interview in this episode, I do share lessons from the road, and a few from him. Tune in to hear how the journey went, the adversity we fa ...…
On El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, there was a wall that had never been climbed, and that some said would never be climbed. It’s called the Dawn Wall. But in 2015, Tommy Caldwell along with Kevin Jorgeson became the first to free climb it. That journey was then made into an award-winning film called Dawn Wall. Today I speak to Tommy about ...…
Emails, Who Sucks Less is back! Plus What You Don't Need to Know and the Shot of the Day!
Mens Room Question: Who overreacted and why?
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