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Keith and Kyle talk about video games, make you laugh.
Chipod Ironicast
Chipod Ironicast is a general talk/video game podcast from Chip & Ironicus of
We're two angry gamers. We like talking about gaming and arguing! It's the best thing ever. You should probably check it out. It doesn't suck! Also you're attractive. Did you do something different with your hair? Start working out, something like that? Was your father a beaver, cus damn.
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The snowstorms are starting to hit us much harder now and with not being able to meet in person to record, what do we do?Stev and Dirk decided to record their own segments for the new episode featuring a review of Th
In this excerpt from an upcoming Run Button Patreon Exclusive video for Castlevania: Aria of Sorrows Kyle and I talk about the Anthem demoBy (Kyle Churchill).
Before the episode begins, we have a new review for a game sent to us by Cat Nigri. We want to thank them for sending us a copy of Necromancer so we could check it out and you should, too.It's been a bit of a depress
Pax South was a wonderful experience and we're glad we made the trip. So we have a new episode to not just tell our experience but also provide a couple interviews for upcoming games we are completely excited over.Th
If you have ever worked in IT, you definitely had it rammed down your throat for good reason that confidential information absolutely must be guarded as the precious treasure that it can be. Some might recall training te
With Nintendo's online service being $20 per year and having it free to play multiplayer on PC with the exceptions of games like World of Warcraft, could the online services from Sony and Microsoft use a reform? Dirk mig
It's Christmas time for Arrogant Media and for Super Arrogant Bros, we wanted to take the time to thank everyone who has stuck with up. And a very special thanks goes to Maddox for putting us on Madcast Media.Instead
How could we ever pass the chance to do this episode? Telling you about these garbage units as Stev feels like he's dying inside? Makes for some sweet, sweet content. And we're not just ripping on Soulja Boy, we're after
Everyone, it's very important that we go over the game awards and talk about our opinions about them. Very important. But besides who won what, there were some notable announcements and happenings that we wanted to go ov
Please go to patreon/com/runbutton to support the showBy (Kyle Churchill).
Remember in previous episodes, either Stev or Dirk would describe a game as comfy? What does that exactly mean?You see, this is something where we would love some listener input. What do you think is comfy gaming bas
Thanks to our listener, Landon, we found an amazing Twitch streamer, Sweet Anita and having Stev go in this episode blind on the subject made this episode so much fun to do.This will also be a news-heavy episode, whi
Recent news came out that Sony will not be attending E3 for 2019. After a lackluster E3 2018, it's not hard to see why. Nintendo, Blizzard and Bethesda have their own events so why not Sony?
The PR nightmare doesn't seem to be getting much better for Blizzard and on top of that, things aren't looking too great for Bungie either. While Activision will be doing just fine, what will happen to Blizzard and Bungi
Sometimes, something happens that gets Dirk and Stev so fired up for an episode. Sometimes, a company screws up so bad that even the most diehard fans are disappointed. This is one of those times.If you've been payin
In this excerpt from an upcoming Run Button video for Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime Kyle and I talk about Red Dead Redemption and the recent Rockstar labor stories based largely on reporting by Kotaku's Jason SchreierBy (Kyle Churchill).
Turn out the lights and turn on the bad writing. It's time for some poor-quality creepypasta. And my, does this pasta have some rotting meat inside of it.Also if you haven't heard, there's an ultimate edition of the
The first episode of the new podcast from Kyle Churchill, Jordan Mallory, and Abby Denton. Please go to to subscribe!By (Kyle Churchill).
Ever find an e-celeb and become so fascinated by them that you want to just absorb what content you can find from them? What if it's because you're not laughing with the YouTuber but instead, you're laughing at them?
It feels like yesterday that Fallout 76 was announced and here we are just a month away from release. In preparation for it, we want to discuss what our thoughts are right now and then as soon as the game is release, tak
Here's a subject that we rarely get into, war games. Specifically, strategy war games.This week, we get into something combining two of Stev's favorite things, strategy games and the Warhammer franchise. It may not b
Do you like role-playing games? Do you like playing on your PC with games that a potato could run? Do you like being a shut-in and spending hours upon hours with a game that's going to draw you in until your parents tell
Spider-Man talk starts in earnest at about an hour in Consider our patreon, and giving money to it, at contentburger.bizBy (Kyle Churchill).
Do you still play single player games? Because believe it or not, there are certain companies that believe there just isn't money in making single player games.As far as news goes, we have some juicy stories includin
We are sad to announce that Mitchard has left the show. We will miss him and he is welcome to come on the show again. Please welcome Arrogant Media's very own Stev as the new host for Super Arrogant Bros.You might ha
The Spider-man game for the Playstation 4 has finally been released and how is it, you may ask? While it's praised by gaming journalists everywhere, the bros have some mixed feelings about this one. What are those feelin
Today, we wanted to try doing a question and answer episode so to get questions, Dirk went to a few areas on Facebook. From what got us into gaming to our thoughts about a game that seems to be long forgotten, check out
Ever wanted to play a game that was Japan only? Sucks doesn't it? Well, Japan has a game called Kantai Collection where you can't play it from outside of their country.Today, we talk about some of the issues of local
Look guys, you have to take this super seriously. Super hecking seriously. At some point in the future, the new consoles are going to come out and we need to talk about them.Do we know what we're talking about? Are w
Oh my god, Doom Eternal looks great. So great that we wanted to gush all about it.Besides this, Dirk loves the lore to Doom and wanted to read from the Wiki detailing the cool shit about the Doomslayer.
We return for the second part of Jim Sterling's Fall Damage in which we play a couple videos from The Jimquisition and comment over how dumb they are and how little foresight Sterling had.While we wanted this part 2
In our hobby, one of the biggest parts of what affects it is gaming journalism and for the longest time, we've been talking about the subject of today's episode, Jim Sterling.And best of all, the topic is about as gi
Go to and for more stuff and ways to support the show Music - Dispatch by The J Arthur Keenes Band, Let's Go To Tokyo ft. J Arthur Keenes by StatikzBy (Kyle Churchill).
We're back!Ever look back at certain games from the earlier generations and think to yourself, "Good god, that game is really weird"? As well-designed as a lot of these games can be, you can't deny how bizarre a lot
Everyone wants to talk about the speculations they have for the new Elder Scrolls game that's in the distance and dammit, so do the bros. Get ready for one of the longest episodes as we also go into the history of the se
Ever play a game and think to yourself, "God, this story is boring and I wish I didn't have to put up with it"? No? Then join us in the discussion on how important the story is in a game for you.But, we also want to
Our very good friend, Jesse P-s of Pod Awful joins us for an episode to talk about his beginnings with the show, the current situations he's facing from running such a different type of show and then the fascinations we
E3 is finally over after all of the hype and preparation for disappointment. Joined by Arrogant Media's beloved Stev, we go over our thoughts on what was announced during this wonderful yearly event.What were your th
E3 has just started and the boys have some thoughts on both EA and Microsoft's panels and by god, they were a mess.After Valve takes a hands-off approach to how they will have games on their platform, our "favorite"
It's almost time for E3! Let's talk about what might be coming up at the event, Grant's doggiversary and Final Bid, an upcoming roleplaying game!
Dirk went out to the Wizard World Comic Convention in Des Moines, Iowa. During the weekend, he met some wonderful people including the voice of Bulma, Tiffany Vollmer, who is featured in an interview in the episode.
Let's talk about some crazy Bollywood movies, The Princess Bride, and answer some questions from the audience!
Totalbiscuit passed away recently from cancer and EA/Dice are getting some heavy criticism for the new Battlefield V announcement trailer.Dark Souls Remastered finally came out and is it worth spending the $40 on? Le
Music: "Mind Your Manners" - Chiddy BangBy (Kyle Churchill).
Surprise, Dirk gets to look like a total moron after the results and comments from last week's episodeAfter the discussion on Microsoft file DMCA notices, a listener submits a paper describing the details of if Micro
Lately, there's been a lack of platforming games unless you count the couple crowdfunded games and we wanted to get into what has changed since the blossoming days platformers being at their hight of popularity.Do yo
After going over the poll results and comments left to us from last week, the bros talk about a subject that has brought them some both very loved and hated games: comic books. From bad Superman games to good Batman game
Are you a PC player and miss playing Halo? Well, you may have had a potential solution to this but, that was recently taken down and it was called Halo Online.Microsoft suddenly has a problem with Halo Online after i
Ready for an episode that might piss off a good chunk of the listeners. Because we're going to talk about the new God of War game and our opinions on it are not going to be the most shining. To sum it up, Captain Dirk mi
For our late March edition of the podcast, let's talk about the new books coming out about game production, roller coaster enthusiasts, and answer some quiestions from the viewers!
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