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Best Meltdown podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Meltdown podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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Australia is a land of many people, beautiful landscapes and culture. But behind the tourist commercial is an unexplained strangeness. Join Matthew and Holly each week as they discuss legends of Outback serial killers, UFO's and Monsters lurking in the bush.
Blog, website, podcasts of my radio show, and whatever else I deem interesting enough to post.
The front porch of Miami brings you all the sports headlines of the week, insight and healthy amounts of porqueria.
A Bi- Weekly Podcast hosted by Chris Libertini & “Sweet” Lou Pellegrino. On Pop Culture Meltdown we talk to experts in pop culture, news, sports and everything that's HOT now! Think if TMZ and E News had a baby, but it was a bastard love child.
Motion Picture Meltdown is a comedic movie podcast that was created in 2009 and is hosted by Stephen "The Roast" Rosenberg, Mark "The Shark" Hinton, and Phil "The Kill" Collins. We spend our valuable time watching the most terrible movies possible, and ripping them apart scene by scene. We do this simply for fun. If you get offended easily, I would not recommend listening to the podcast, if you love crude, senseless humor, then by all means, check us out! Most of the time we invite special g ...
Movie Meltdown
News, reviews and interviews - about your favorite thing - movies!
Meltdown Pinball PodcastWebsite: FunWithBonus.com Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @FunWithBonus
Guerilla rpg podcast. Old school gaming with an indie spirit. Loving those random tables, procedurally generated dungeons and all things low prep. Keeping it rules lite.To leave me a message on Anchor, go to: https://anchor.fm/dave-aldridge. Alternatively, contact me @d_percentile or dpercentile@gmail.com.The MeWe group for news and crowdsourcing random tables is https://mewe.com/join/dpercentileDpercentile theme tune by T J Drennon of the Malodorous Miasma Meltdown podcast. The dpercentile ...
Motherhood is incredible. It's also incredibly challenging, especially with the high pressured, fast paced world we live in today. The Motherkind Podcast hosted by Motherkind founder and coach Zoe Blaskey, is on a mission to bring you some of the best wellbeing teachers in the world to help you find your calm, happy place in the madness of modern mum life. Each episode features a different teacher from the world of self-development and wellbeing or a mum on a path of self-enquiry. We cover e ...
Just Walker and Erica chatting about movies we love, hate and are utterly baffled by. We'll have hot takes and clashing opinions as well as anecdotes about the movie of the week. Come along with us!
DIY Cyber Guy
DIY Cyber Guy is for anyone that wants to keep hackers out of their computers. The DIY Cyber Guy, David W. Schropfer, interviews with the world's leading cyber security experts to give you easy to understand tips, tactics and tools to protect your invaluable data, and your irreplaceable reputation online.
Casey Boles’ life is in the midst of a Texas size meltdown. What better way to learn from it than to get it all on record? Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thetexasmeltdown/support
TechStuff is a show about technology. And it’s not just how technology works. Join host Jonathan Strickland as he explores the people behind the tech, the companies that market it and how technology affects our lives and culture.
Deconstructed mixes of the music of the Beatles and related artists.
Meltdown hosts afternoon on WRIF-Detroit every afternoon from 3-7 pm. He talks to the biggest names in rock and posts his interviews right here!
Derrick and Aristotle convene at their secret lair hidden above Meltdown Comics to speak all manners of EVIL! But mostly about comic books.
Weekend Meltdown
A Random (and usually funny) Podcast about Everything (inculding News and Politics).
Dj Meltdown bringing you the best in Progressive/ Vocal and Uplifting Trance, that'll take you on a emotional rollercoaster ride.
Hear the latest happenings, contests, and promotional giveaways every week from Meltdown Comics in Hollywood California
The WIRED Podcast
The award-winning WIRED UK Podcast with James Temperton and the rest of the team. Listen every week for the an informed and entertaining rundown of latest technology, science, business and culture news. New episodes every Friday.
The American Monetary Association is a non-profit venture funded by The Jason Hartman Foundation that is dedicated to educating people about the practical effects of monetary policy and government actions on inflation, deflation and freedom. Our goal is to help people prosper in the midst of uncertain economic times. The American Monetary Association believes that a new and innovative understanding of wealth, value, business and investment is necessary to thrive in the new reality of big gov ...
Lo-Fi Meltdown (aka LFMD) is a weekly podcast that focuses on homegrown music from around the world created with a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) aesthetic.
Reverse Meltdown
Podcast by Reverse Meltdown
Sports.....and other stuff!
Comfort Food
The podcast about the joys (and meltdowns!) of feeding our families and ourselves. Every week we examine how diet culture, body image issues and our own hectic lives get in the way of putting a dinner on the table that we can all feel good about. And we offer practical, road-tested tips to help you make peace with your own eating (or your kid's picky eating!) and find more joy in your family's food life. Hosted by best friends and writers Amy Palanjian (creator of the popular blog Yummy Todd ...
Listen to in-depth monthly analysis of steel markets from our senior editors across the globe.
Up to this point in history, children have been seen as less than and parented in a way that uses power over a child. Most of us were parented in this way but there is a shift in thinking about the way we raise our kids. Parents don’t feel good about using shame, blame, criticism, punishments, and even rewards, to get their kids to listen. Parents are wanting a different way because they know from their own childhoods this type of parenting hurts and leaves us with scars we take with us thro ...
Monday Meltdown
Coming from the Humboldt State University, two hours of live mixing. Hip hop, house, mash-ups, dancehall. remixes, and more crushed together using Serato Scratch Live software and Technics 1200 turntables. All the hottest tunes killing the clubs, every Monday night. More Info can be found at www.CrushYard.com
Drawing upon his experience as a former chief of staff on the Senate Finance Committee and as an Emmy-winning executive producer and writer of ‘The West Wing,’ Lawrence O’Donnell examines the compelling and impactful political stories of the day. Join him every weeknight.
Steven Crowder brings you news, entertainment and politics with the most politically incorrect show on the web. Guests, rants, sketches, your calls ... it's whatever.
Two Packs is the trading card comedy podcast! Join host Geoffrey Golden and a special guest as they crack open packs of bizarre, retro trading cards from The A-Team to Xena: Dangerous Liaisons. While they discover what’s inside, they discuss forgotten pop culture, geeky childhood memories, and a thoughtful exploration of the human condition through a post-post-modern lens. (Or, y'know, Garbage Pail Kids.)
Welcome to the Hot Ass Mess! Join Jazzie & Lupe LLerenas every week as we bring you our weekly breakdown of our meltdowns, what's buzzing in music, the culture & more!
Hosted by @bschultz808 of Street Legends Ink and Meltdown's @wedsfinest. The show is an irreverent (hard "R" rated) deep dive into cross-section of nerd and hip hop culture. We feature guests from the worlds of comics, animation, and of course hip hop music. Ultimately we just want to touch on topics interesting to hip hop "heads" who happen to nerd out like us.
Listen to highlights and extended interviews in the "Ears Edition" of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. From Comedy Central’s Podcast Network.
Anderson Cooper 360
Anderson Cooper brings you highlights from CNN's premier nightly news program AC360.
Millennial Meltdown
the exploration of a generation
Jess Sanfilippo of the highly acclaimed Shuffilippo (hhttp://www.shuggilippo.com) and Meredith Gordon of the hilarious humor blog Bad Sandy (BadSandy.com ), invite you to be a fly on the wall for the most hilarious, irreverent and sometimes bawdy conversations that happen when two Hollywood moms ditch their kids and get on the mic. Proving there’s more to motherhood than nap schedules and homework, Meredith and Jess hilariously tackle the nuances of marriage and motherhood with Hollywood’s m ...
The Creekend
It's the freakin' Creekend and we're about to have us some emotional meltdowns! Tune in for an episode by episode discussion of the 90's WB teen classic, Dawson's Creek. Long time DC fans and sisters, Leyna and Aliah O'Neill guide DC noob, Adam Alix through the hormonal circus that is Dawson's Creek. Let's unpack the sexual anxiety, vitriolic diatribes and misplaced optimism that made actual high school feel like...kind of a let down tbh. Come cry at the end of the dock about your confusing ...
Acclaimed interviewer Matt Kennedy engages the industry's best writers, artists, performers, producers, taste-makers, thinkers and consultants in the type of one-on-one interviews and roundtable discussions that only an insider can get. The program is taped at Meltdown headquarters in Los Angeles and released weekly on iTunes. Matt Kennedy is the author of Pop Sequentialism and a world-renown fine art curator. He brings 25 years of experience to the only podcast that asks tough questions abo ...
FP's First Person
Each week here at Foreign Policy, we interview one person for an intimate, narrative-driven conversation about something timely and important in the world. Our guests are people who have participated directly in events, either as protagonists or eyewitnesses. We get them to tell a story about their experience, not just offer their analysis. That approach is driven by the feeling here at Foreign Policy that to understand our world—to grasp the complexities and nuances of our time—we need to g ...
CNN's chief Washington correspondent, Jake Tapper, hosts this hourlong weekday afternoon program, which mixes Tapper's interests with headlines from around the country and the world, headlines that span politics, money, sports and popular culture. "The Lead" also concentrates on bringing stories that aren't found on front pages -- buried leads -- to the forefront.
Join Brian Williams as he delivers the latest pertinent updates on evolving news stories and places the major political events of the day into context for viewers.
Dramas for English language learners from BBC World Service. Improve your English with retellings of stories classic and new. Each episode is between 6 and 10 minutes long.
The TV Breakdown
Join Matthew Soall Tommy Dinh and Lindsay Soall each season as they review the highs and lows of a little thing we like to call Television.
Meltdown podcast producer and anime fanatic Mason Booker leads a discussion with notable guests Raven Night, Zehra Fazal and others about classic anime series from years gone by that people may or may not have heard of or seen before. Delving deep into the interpretations, structure, myths, and meanings behind the characters and the story of each series the show strives to shed new light about the influences and culture around the anime series themselves as well as the people who made them. ...
Podcast by TheModernMeltdown
Listen to the award winning Second Captains free to air podcasts, presented by Eoin McDevitt, Ciáran Murphy and Ken Early. Subscribe to daily shows at secondcaptains.com/join Join The Second Captains World Service and get access to our daily shows and much more. Become a Second Captains member at secondcaptains.com. - iTunes Podcast of the Year - iTunes Essentials Top 10 Podcasts of All-Time - The Guardian's 50 Podcasts You Need To Hear - Ireland's Most-Downloaded Podcast
Weekly from Hollywood, California, Meltdown Comics presents the enchanting Briers and provocative Rick as they channel their inner child on all things Disney. Rick’s wry perspective and unconditional commentary on Disney’s good, bad and ugly pulls the curtain back on Disney parks, restaurants and entertainment, while Briers passionate belief in the real magic of pixie dust encourages everyone to continue to “believe.” Personable commentary with a male/female perspective lends a humorous bent ...
Kasey's Freek Show
I’m Kasey Koop and, as a comedian, former Playboy columnist, stripper and recovering addict, I have a bevy of colorful friends living free – either from drugs and alcohol, societal traditions or shame. Kasey’s FREEk Show Podcast features our boldly unfiltered conversations about the ongoing fight for personal freedom. Come let your freak flags fly!Follow @kaseykoop on Twitter/Instagram
Biohazard Radio
Biohazard Radio with Nikki Starr! Your Maniacal Metal Meltdown!
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show series
This is the Meltdown’sHoliday Extravaganza…Or Holiday Disaster, whichever flotas your boat. We have the religious tunes, we have the traditional carrolls…And we have the downright vulgar Christmas Comedy. The family will laugh, they’ll cry, and Grandma MIGHT wish she’d been run over by that reindeer by the time I’m done with you! So, crack a co ...…
Movie Meltdown - Episode 510 This episode we talk with Jonah Ray about art, friendship, movies, comedy, music and Mystery Science Theater 3000. And while we try to convert people to our pop culture religion, we also mention… Joel Hodgson, Mel Brooks, Weird Al Yankovic, Paul Myers, refusing the call to action, Defending your Life, Kids in the Ha ...…
Coming up today: A bad week for Uber in London, why everyone should shut the hell up about plastic pollution and why I decided to ditch Google from my life.The stories we talked about this week:TfL's Uber decision makes zero sense. So what happens next?https://www.wired.co.uk/article/uber-london-licenceFrom Bolt to Kapten, Uber's London rivals ...…
We look at what's been going on at Blizzard recently and how global politics have created a challenging situation for the company. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisersBy iHeartRadio & HowStuffWorks
Is it really cheating? Is it really brutality? Are the Heat really THAT good? Who gave Dion that gummy? Can we be sure of anything in sports?By Miami Sports Meltdown
Host Chris Libertini and Pop Culture expert Dan Barsnica talk the premiere of Mandalorian, Season 4 of Rick & Morty review, the spongebob movie and more!By OG Podcast Network / Cumulus Media New York
Erica, Walker and newly appointed host Cam discuss Robert Egger's spellbinding tale of nautical horror The Lighthouse. Together we explore the cabin fever and surprising moments of comedy that made this movie so captivating.By Walker Matzko, Erica Liverman and Cameron Stinemack
Mueller report; House Dems introduce articles of impeachment, full house could vote as soon as next week; McCarthy: Democrats are just angry they lost 2016 election; Schiff: Waiting on impeachment allows Trump to continue cheating; Sources: Nadler pushed for separate article of impeachment on obstruction of justice; Barr suggest FBI acted in "B ...…
Hi TechStuff listeners! Today, we wanted to introduce you to a brand new podcast we think you'll like. It's called The Restless Ones and is hosted by none other than Jonathan Strickland himself. Listen in to the first episode now and don't forget to subscribe to The Restless Ones here or on your favorite podcasting app, so you never miss an epi ...…
Democrats plan to announce two articles of impeachment - abuse of power and obstruction of Congress - against Pres. Trump on Tuesday. We discuss that and more with Katie Benner, Nancy Cook, Robert Costa, Joyce Vance, Andrew Kirtzman, and Gen. Barry McCaffrey.
Joe Biden lashes out at a voter at an Iowa town hall, Roy Wood Jr. and Michael Kosta talk sports, and actor Kelly Marie Tran discusses "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker." Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoicesBy Comedy Central
Tonight on The Last Word: NBC News reports that Democrats are expecting to draft at least two articles of impeachment against Trump. Also, Sen. Mazie Hirono joins Lawrence to discuss the next steps in the impeachment inquiry. Plus, the Justice Department Inspect General concludes that the FBI’s Russia probe was justified and not politically bia ...…
Audio Dungeon Discord: https://discord.gg/4auyzxb A call in from Jason (Nerd’s RPG Variety Cast) and a couple of play session recaps. Now with added Joe Richter! Leave me a message on Anchor (it’s really quick, but you’ll need to set up an Anchor account linked to an email) by going to: https://anchor.fm/dave-aldridge twitter: @d_percentile or ...…
IG Report: No Evidence Of "Political Bias Or Improper Motivation" In FBI's Russia Probe; IG Report: FBI's Russia Investigation Justified; But "Serious Performance Failures" Found; IG Report Refutes Pres. Trump's Conspiracy Theory That FBI Illegally Spied On His 2016 Campaign; Barr: Russia Probe An "Intrusive Investigation"; DOG IG Report & FBI ...…
House judiciary resumes impeachment hearing; IG says start of FBI Russia probe justified & unbiased, but investigation had significant errors; Attorney general Barr disputes IG finding, says FBI opened investigation on "thinnest of suspicions"; via KnitBy The Lead with Jake Tapper
On Friday afternoon, the FAI revealed the true disastrous state of its financial affairs.Later that evening, we welcomed Richie Sadlier and 2019 Journalist of the Year Mark Tighe, whose reporting in the Sunday Times helped to bring about John Delaney's downfall as FAI CEO, to help us sift through the wreckage.…
Munster, Leinster and Ulster all won in Europe this week, with only a disappointing second half from Connacht between us and a clean sweep... but the shadow of the Rugby World Cup malfunction still hovers. Munster/Saracens was ruined by the weather in Thomond on Saturday, while Leinster made hay in the sunshine in Northampton. But not even thos ...…
Temple University scientists have found a new way to improve chocolate and it involves electric fields. Learn about the technology and physics behind improving a nearly perfect food. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisersBy iHeartRadio & HowStuffWorks
How allegations of antisemitism in the Labor Party became a central issue in Britain’s election campaign. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoicesBy Foreign Policy
Ellevest co-founder and CEO Sallie Krawcheck gives her take on the state of gender pay equity and workplace diversity and describes how her company empowers female investors. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoicesBy Comedy Central
In the 1980s, a small gathering of believers settled on a small farm just outside Nowra, NSW. This small group was led by a man called William Kamm, a devout Catholic boy who didn't like the direction the church was taking. So he gathered some like-minded people, explained the visions he was having, and they decided that it would be best to gat ...…
Trevor reacts to Joe Biden's cringeworthy argument with a questioner at an Iowa town hall, in which he challenged the man to a push-up contest and apparently called him "fat." Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoicesBy Comedy Central
With the realization that impeachment is coming, the White House takes another pass on as Pelosi prepares her party for another historic week on the Hill. Discussing that and much more is Annie Karni, Melanie Zanona, Susan Page, Karine Jean-Pierre, Rick Wilson, Kate Bennett, and Jill Wine-Banks.
Tonight on The Last Word: Phone records in the impeachment report show routine communications between President Trump and Rudy Giuliani on cellphones vulnerable to monitoring by Russian and other foreign intelligence services. The report details that the President doesn’t want to use secure landlines so he can hide evidence of calls from his ow ...…
Call-ins from Pete (Dragons are Real), Mark (The Yawning Owlbear), Barney (Loco Ludus) and Edwin. Leave me a message on Anchor (it’s really quick, but you’ll need to set up an Anchor account linked to an email) by going to: https://anchor.fm/dave-aldridge twitter: @d_percentile or email me dpercentile@gmail.com with comments or suggestions. I’m ...…
White House Slams "Baseless" Impeachment Inquiry, Rejects Offer To Defend Pres. Trump At House Hearing; Rep. Schiff On White House: "All They Really Want Is To Hide The President's Serious Misconduct"; Rep. Nadler: Pres. Trump "Cannot Claim The Process Is Unfair" After WH Rejected Offer To Defend President At House Hearing; Rep. Nadler: White H ...…
Is social media harmful to our real-world relationships? Is there evidence that social media helps us form stronger connections? Why are there so many contradictory studies? Join Jonathan and Lauren as they explore the effects of social media. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisers…
WH faces 5pm deadline to say if it will participate in hearings; Next public impeachment hearing scheduled for Monday; Democratic leaders prepared for impeachment defections; Minutes way: Deadline for White House to announce if it will participate in impeachment hearings; Giuliani confirms he went to Ukraine to dig or dirt on Bidens; White Hous ...…
Jason Hartman talks to in-house economist Thomas about interest rates. There's been some movement up and some movement down, but Thomas has an opinion on where he thinks rates will go in 2020 and why he believes that. Key Takeaways: [1:10] The Fed only indirectly influences mortgage rates [3:09] Why Thomas believes mortgage rates will go up in ...…
Talking all things Kamala Harris flaming out, Baby Yoda beating Democrats, Amazon’s holly Holocaust Christmas, and finally, rebutting Trevor Noah’s NATO Summit lies! Joined by the hilarious Hodgetwins in third chair, with special guest Senator Ted Cruz!By Louder With Crowder
Coming up today: the collapse of Isis on Telegram, the wild rise of novelty Christmas advent calenders and the big problem with big carsThe stories we talked about this week:The decimation of Isis on Telegram is big, but it has consequenceshttps://www.wired.co.uk/article/isis-telegram-securitySUVs are way worse for the planet than anyone previo ...…
Scrooge is getting used to the company of ghosts, but here's one he doesn't expect.By BBC Radio
Nancy Pelosi instructs her committee chairmen to move forward on articles of impeachment against the president and knocks down a question "hate" being her motive. Plus, a dramatic moment on the trail for Joe Biden. We discuss that and more with Peter Baker, Jill Colvin, Garrett Haake, Berit Berger, and Mara Gay.…
Nancy Pelosi gives the go-ahead for impeachment articles against President Trump, Jaboukie Young-White consults the founding fathers, and John Lithgow discusses "Bombshell." Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoicesBy Comedy Central
Tonight on The Last Word: Speaker Nancy Pelosi instructs House Chairs to draft articles of impeachment against Trump. Also, Neal Katyal returns to discuss the smoking gun in the Trump impeachment inquiry. Plus, Robert Reich explains why Mitch McConnell might be “the most dangerous politician.” And Rudy Giuliani is back in Ukraine pushing his ag ...…
Pres. Trump Signals Aggressive Defense Strategy In Senate Trial; Pelosi Announces House Will Move Forward With Articles Of Impeachment, President Trump Lashes Out On Twitter; Speaker Pelosi: "No Choice" But To Move Forward With Articles Of Impeachment; New Information On Giuliani's WH Phone Calls; Campaign Trail Confrontation; Calls Between Giu ...…
Ever wonder what Dawson Leery looks like at a frat party? Drunk, woman hating and basic as hell!By A Dawson's Creek podcast by Leyna O'Neill, Aliah O'Neill, Adam Alix
Pelosi: Trump has left us with "no choice" but to proceed with Articles of Impeachment; Sources: House could vote on four Articles of Impeachment in two weeks; Pelosi fires back over whether she hates Trump: "I don't hate... don't mess with me" on that; Sources: Democrats considering articles on abuse of power, bribery, obstruction of Congress ...…
Hinge founder Justin McLeod opens up about addiction, depression, and how his own epic love story fundamentally changed the mission of his company. Justin takes us along the roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship that led him to create one of the most popular dating apps, and gives insight into how the tech company is looking to code vulnerabi ...…
It’s the Christmas season! We are always on the move, preparing for the next shopping trip or hopping from one gathering to another. More often than not, it is others who make us participate in these activities, and we feel compelled to say ‘yes’ all the time. And then, when things go awry, we blame ourselves in the end. We ask ourselves, ‘Is t ...…
Eggs, sugar, red meat — we know nutrition is important, but what we’re supposed to know about nutrition seems to change, a lot. And it can be hard to keep your knowledge around food and health from interfering with how you approach family meals and feeding yourself. Today we’re talking with podcast favorite Jennifer Berry of Thrive By Spectrum ...…
As the Trump impeachment enters a new phase on Capitol Hill, Rudy Giuliani is back in Europe interviewing fmr. Ukrainian prosecutors according to The New York Times. Plus, Trump gets into another spat on the world stage. That and more with Mieke Eoyang, Jeremy Bash, Anita Kumar, Barbara McQuade, Eugene Robinson, Mike Murphy, and Jon Meacham.…
Underwater speakers help revitalize dying coral reefs, video captures NATO leaders gossiping about President Trump, and Brittany Howard discusses her debut solo album "Jaime." Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoicesBy Comedy Central
Responding to a call from Free Thrall about my ongoing Black Hack game. Leave me a message on Anchor (it’s really quick, but you’ll need to set up an Anchor account linked to an email) by going to: https://anchor.fm/dave-aldridge twitter: @d_percentile or email me dpercentile@gmail.com with comments or suggestions. I’m also trying to get a MeWe ...…
Three Legal Experts Say President Trump Committed Impeachable Offenses, One Disagrees; Legal Expert For Dems: "If What We're Talking About Is Not Impeachable, Then Nothing Is Impeachable"; GOP Rep. Collins: "This Impeachment Narrative Is A Fake One"; Dem Chairman Nadler: Pres. Trump "Placed His Own Personal And Political Interests Above Our Nat ...…
What exactly are biofuels, and can they replace fossil fuels? In this episode, we take a critical look at the issues surrounding our energy needs and why it's so darn complicated. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisersBy iHeartRadio & HowStuffWorks
Democrats on House Intel have released a direct and damning report accusing Trump of placing "personal and political interests above the national interests of the United States." Plus, the Democratic field gets smaller and much more. With us is Shannon Pettypiece, Maya Wiley, Lanhee Chen, Franklin Foer, Julia Ioffe, John Heilemann, and Ruth Marcus.…
An ad for the Peloton exercise bike sparks outrage, President Trump spars with France's Emmanuel Macron at the NATO summit, and Ta-Nehisi Coates discusses "The Water Dancer." Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoicesBy Comedy Central
House Intel Committee Approves Ukraine Report; Sends It To Judiciary Cmte. For Possible Articles Of Impeachment; Wait! There's More!; House Intel Approves Dems' Impeachment Inquiry Report, Accuses Pres. Trump Of Abusing His Office & Endangering National Security; House Intel Report Approved By Cmte: Pres. Trump "Compromised National Security To ...…
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