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Jim Ross is considered the voice of Wrestling. He’s a member of three halls of fame including WWE and is a multiple-time New York Times best-selling author. From ringside to the boardroom JR has built a 40+ year career that will never be duplicated. Enjoy his candid opinions, special guests, and sense of humor on a fresh presentation on the all-new The Jim Ross Report exclusively on Westwood One Podcast Network.
Featuring Ross Mathews as the go-to guy for anyone who needs a BFF to give them guidance, direction or a good ole' slap in the face, Straight Talk (Advice & LOL's from the Gay Best Friend You Wish You Had and Know You Need) might be the most interactive podcast ever. Tackling relationships and dating, friendship and beyond, no topic is off limits or too taboo.
Welcome to Oh No, Ross and Carrie!, the show where we don’t just report on fringe science, spirituality, and claims of the paranormal, but take part ourselves. Follow us as we join religions, undergo alternative treatments, seek out the paranormal, and always find the humor in life’s biggest mysteries. We show up - so you don’t have to. Every month we share a new investigation, along with occasional bonus interviews and updates.
Welcome to Oh No, Ross and Carrie!, the show where we don’t just report on fringe science, spirituality, and claims of the paranormal, but take part ourselves. Follow us as we join religions, undergo alternative treatments, seek out the paranormal, and always find the humor in life’s biggest mysteries. We show up - so you don’t have to. Every month we share a new investigation, along with occasional bonus interviews and updates.
Ross Stevenson and John Burns entertain listeners with their razor sharp wit and oddball humour every morning.And every day the best segments of their on-air - and sometimes off-air - program are placed right here.
Follow Ross on Twitter @RossTuckerNFL and @RTFPodcast, on Facebook at or email him: Ross at Ross played seven years in the NFL before retiring in 2008. He is the morning host for SiriusXM NFL Radio and a frequent analyst for "Pro Football Talk" on the NBC Sports Network.
Pop culture expert Ross Mathews breaks down the top ten stories of the week and debates them with his friend and co-host Trish Suhr. From celebs to sports to scandals & beyond - nothing is off limits! This podcast is full of POV’s, LOL’s & OMG’s. Join the fun every week!
Follow Ross on Twitter @RossTuckerNFL & @RTFPodcast; or email him at: Ross Tucker played seven years in the NFL before retiring in 2008. He is the morning host for SiriusXM NFL Radio and a frequent analyst for "Pro Football Talk" on the NBC Sports Network.
The news through Ross-colored glasses. Dave Ross breaks down the day’s most important stories weekdays 6 to 9am on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM. Smart, savvy, and sometimes a little sassy, nobody looks at the news quite like Dave.
Described by George Hook as the greatest Irish player never to make it and described by everyone else who knows him as a shallow, self-obsessed idiot.
Every week, we sit down with an acclaimed and venerable songwriter to intimately discuss what happens behind closed doors in the music industry. There are millions of singers, thousands of artists, and only 40 top songs per genre at a time... this podcast is about the people who make them. Produced by Joe London & Ross Golan in association with Big Deal Music & Mega House Music. And The Writer Is... ™
Your favorite podcast’s favorite podcast. From a mugshot to a movement. Hosted by New York Times Bestselling Author and Nap God, Ross Bolen. Presented by Bolen Media.rossbolenpodcast.com888-WRBOLENInstagram: @therossbolenpodcast, @wrbolenTwitter: @rossbolenpod, @wrbolen222273
The foundation of success in the NFL & Fantasy Football is picking the right players. NFL analyst & former player Ross Tucker teams up with Philadelphia Eagles film junkie Fran Duffy to break down the top players in the biggest games each and every week in college football. Get ahead of the curve on evaluating the NFL's future stars at,, or wherever podcasts can be found!
Ross Patterson Revolution Video Podcast.
The Argument
The other side is dangerously wrong. They think you are too. But for democracy to work, we need to hear each other out. Each week New York Times Opinion columnists David Leonhardt, Michelle Goldberg and Ross Douthat explain the arguments from across the political spectrum. Their candid debates help you form your own opinion of the latest news, and learn how the other half thinks. Find the best ways to persuade in the modern search for common ground.
Dr. Ross Greene
Dr. Ross Greene, originator of the Collaborative Problem Solving approach (now called Collaborative & Proactive Solutions) and author of The Explosive Child, provides guidance to parents on understanding and helping kids with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges.
You were born with individual strengths and a unique purpose. Don’t let fears, false beliefs, or life’s happenings diminish your influence! It’s time to Live and Lead for Impact! Host, Kirsten Ross, expert of transformation, will help you Defeat the Drama and Overcome the Trauma that can stop you in your tracks. You’ll gain focus, find confidence, and take bold action…. Unleash passionate, purposeful you! Make your impact as a business leader, family business employee, volunteer, parent, mom ...
Dream Freedom Beauty with Natalie Ross helps people to trust their intuition and have confidence in their truths. Guests are intuitives, healers, and witches who share their approaches to standing in their power, working with spirits, deepening their connection with nature, and shamelessly embodying their true selves. Topics covered include deconditioning your mind, working with ancestors and nature spirits, folk herbalism, plant-spirit medicine, true self care, shadow integration, what it m ...
Abject Suffering
This is a podcast that's nominally about bad games. In reality, it's about the horror of daily life, GameFAQs Gold, strange combatants in the battle of Good vs. Evil, and a singular patriarch known only as Crick. Every Monday, Gary Butterfield and Kole Ross choose a game at random from the titles submitted by listeners, play it, and venture off on a freeform discussion that winds between the topic at hand, and the absurd.
THE Ross Edgley Podcast is dedicated to debunk every fitness or nutrition myth you’ve heard. Instead, it lives to deliver debates, insights and knowledge bombs on practised, preached & performed techniques to give you the fitness and food tools to reach any goal, anywhere, anytime. Hosted by Ross Edgley, author of The World’s Fittest Book, the current number one bestselling fitness book on Amazon, expect infectious enthusiasm, a huge dose of real knowledge & a sign up to your first 5K, Iron ...
Money News with Ross Greenwood: Highlights
Each week Ross Patterson shares his wildly unique views on pop culture, entertainment, and sports.
The Lo-Down With Damien Barling and Jason Ross
Broadcast legend Dave Ross, winner of multiple Edward R. Murrow Awards for excellence in journalism, talks to the people and policy makers affecting your world. Now, you can listen to the full conversation - raw and uncut. Hear Dave Ross on Seattle’s Morning News weekdays at 6am on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM.
Futility Closet
Forgotten stories from the pages of history. Join us for surprising and curious tales from the past and challenge yourself with our lateral thinking puzzles.
The Friend Zone
Listen along every Wednesday as Dustin Ross, HeyFranHey & Assante explore mental health, mental wealth and mental hygiene, because who in the hell wants a musty brain?Send inquiries and questions
Life is hard. Let's get through it together. Join The Roastmaster General as he takes on "Touchy Subjects", interviews people smarter than him and pays tribute to the recently deceased, so they can properly Roast In Peace. Intro by Kii Arens Photo by Mindy Tucker
A Daily Retreat
The Speed Secrets Podcast is all about high performance and race driving. In it, Ross Bentley has conversations with guests, resulting in tips, advice and inspiration you can take to the track. Digging into topics such as trail braking, cornering lines, race track specific advice, data acquisition and video analysis, upshifting and downshifting, handling and car setup, steering techniques, and the skill of using the throttle - all while driving on track - the goal is to not just entertain yo ...
A sports talk show for the "heart of Pennsylvania" combining intelligent sports talk with a passion for the game... while never losing our sense of humor. Featuring commentators Ross Tucker and Jon Ritchie along with a host of local talent including Dustin Hockensmith, Andy Shay, Bob Flounders, and Bob Waters.
A lifelong kaiju fan and a newbie make their way through the thirty-plus Godzilla canon, sharing their thoughts and waxing lyrical on each film per episode.Hosted by Steven Sloss, Ross Menzies, and friends.Edited and produced by Steven Sloss and Ross Menzies.
A weekly podcast featuring awesome people, places and things in Vancouver BC Canada. Hosted by Lindsay William-Ross and Bob Kronbauer.
Those Damn Ross Kids is a conversation between brothers. We discuss the events of today, and how we would have done it differently.
I Like Films is a new podcast from Jonathan Ross, who unsurprisingly, turns out to really like films.He likes talking about films, talking to the people who make films, and of course, watching films.Listen as Jonathan meets the movers and shakers at the forefront of the cinematic world, hearing all about their latest releases, and what life is like in the motion picture industry.
We interview outbound sales leaders so that you can learn directly from the people on the front lines.
Drinkin' Bros
Mat Best, Jarred Taylor,Ross Patterson and Evan Hafer get together twice a week to make sure you never drink alone... at least that's what their excuse is.
The most fun you can have in orbit. Join Heather, Ross, and all of their radio friends for a fun-filled journey into the future of comedy, music, movies, comics, and other stuff we love. With our guests and skits, you'll want to join us on the Spacebridge for each new episode.
A podcast by Kole Ross and Gary Butterfield taking a monster-by-monster look at all of the goofy, inspired, and sometimes dull creature designs in the 2nd Edition Monstrous Manual of Dungeons and Dragons. Join us every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for short episodes about your favorite beasties.
Diet, Motivation and Positivity.
Kidflix is the podcast where adults try to definitively rank every kids movie ever made! From the greatest cinematic triumphs to the crappiest direct-to-video sequels, we'll watch everything that can technically be classified as kids entertainment! This podcast is not for children. There are naughty words and immature adults. Also not affiliated with Netflix. Hosted by @misterweisman.
Imaginary Advice
A miscellany of stories, written and presented by Ross Sutherland.
Darcy Ross leads James D'Amato, Kat Kuhl, and Alan Linic into the actuality with an actual play of Monte Cook Games' Invisible Sun. In the city of Satyrine, there is cab driven by a woman with hollow eyes. She can take you where you need to go, but she always takes what you can afford to pay.
Fiction Hack
Podcast by Colin Munro and Ross Lawhead
Michael Ross has one mission: to help people live fulfilled and impactful lives. Michael’s authentic and personal style makes him a dynamic speaker who influences audiences to become all they were meant to be.
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Wow. On today’s ONE HUNDREDTH episode, Ross (@MisterWeisman) is joined by his frickin’ parents to discuss the 1998 version of The Parent Trap! The three discuss when Mom cried during the movie, summer camp, and the long and slightly confusing story of how Ross’ parents met.Plus, discover where Ross inherited his meandering thoughts from!Follow ...…
This week our guest is a multi-platinum country music artist, songwriter and two time CMA Award nominee who released the best-selling debut by a male with his platinum album, ‘Up All Night’. The album featured three #1 hit singles, including “Beer Money”, “Hey Pretty Girl”, and the 2x platinum breakout hit “Somethin’ ‘Bout A Truck”. He has rele ...…
Ross and Jessie discuss San Francisco hiring a Poop Patrol for to clean up human feces in the streets, Carl's Jr. putting CBD in it's burgers, Gronk denting the Lombardi Trophy, the Richard Jewell movie finally coming to life with Clint Eastwood directing, and Jables is back with an all new Crime Corner!…
In the final hour of the Lo-Down the guys talk some more NBA playoffs and preview this weekend's games, and talk about Shaq's All-Time starting 5 changing between 2015 and 2019. They then finished the show with the Lo-Down Mailbag. All that and more on the Lo-Down exclusively on Sports 1140.
Dr. Marty Makary, a surgical oncologist and Johns Hopkins health policy expert, talks with Dave Ross about the major problems in the American healthcare system and his vision for how to combat it while maintaining a free market. His book The Price We Pay which will be released this fall and the website Restoring Medicine are both part of his ef ...…
Heres a 3 hour long session i did on the spur of the moment live on good friday. a journey through house music with soulful , deep ,disco , vocal goodness .Be sure to hi like and share guys i appreciate it . as always get the download at
Dr. Marty Makary on fighting high healthcare costs // Feliks Banel, All Over the Map -- Commencement Bay, Eagle Harbor, Budd Inlet // Hanna Scott on the movement to lift the WA ban on affirmative action // Tom Tangney's review of Teen Spirit // Dose of Kindness -- a timely photo of Notre Dame Cathedral // Sports Insider Danny O'Neil on the end ...…
Ross and Carrie continue their deposit at the Mental Bank (a subsidiary of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute), where they'll learn to do some very fuzzy math to fool their brains into SUCCESS! Find out how suggestible each of them is, which multilevel marketing companies we all should mimic, and whether success is or is not the mental bank an c ...…
Sorcha is crying in the cor. “How could something like this have happened?” she keeps going – over and over again.By (The Irish Times).
What does the gang think of Madonna making a comeback, Ross tells a funny story about when he met Demi Moore, and the trio discusses Beyonce's Homecoming Documentary!
Back from jury duty, Ross describes the process of getting out of his Civic obligation. Plus, Nikki is back, Fagsy lands on his feet with a new home, and Blanche can't help herself but make her presence felt!
The Ross Bolen Podcast returns for its 172nd episode. Hosted by Ross Bolen, featuring Intern AJ, and produced by Mike Moody. Presented by Bolen Media.(0:00) Intro(14:33) Tales From The Abandoned Tiki Palace(24:44) Trash Or Not Trash(35:05) Hotline Calls(47:54) Keep Calling Your People(51:24) Mind-Blowing Destinations You Haven't Heard Of(57:50) ...…
Ingrid Steffensen is on the show today, and we talk about expanding our comfort zone, getting into flow, what we learn about ourselves from track driving, writing, learning, and her book Fast Girl: Don’t Brake Until You See the Face of God. Which, by the way, is an absolutely great read!
On today's podcast, Greg & Ross dive deep into the cornerbacks & safeties in their final position breakdown before next week's NFL Draft.By (Ross Tucker ).
It's almost Easter and Passover so I invited God over to the bunker to chat about the fire at Notre Dame and other "Touchy Subjects". Then my friend and legendary funny person Fred Willard also stops by to chat about his appearance on my upcoming Netflix series, "Historical Roasts" among other things. And God isn't the only one who acts in myst ...…
Is THIS the first episode of the long-awaited new podcast with Conrad Thompson?? No, it isn’t. But…if you are already subscribed to the Jim Ross Report, you will automatically get Grilling JR once the lawyers finish their lawyering. Tweet @HeyHeyItsConrad and let us know what you want to hear! In the meantime, the Podfather himself joins the sh ...…
Dane Brugler, NFL Draft Analyst from The Athletic joins Ross on this week's College Draft podcast. Dane talks about his NFL Draft guide, "The Beast" and which players he likes the best at each position.By
Every Friday we are going to spotlight our sister shows in case anyone has a long drive or has to work on the weekend, this week's is Ross Patterson Revolution. Ross and Jessie discuss Amazon getting popped for recording people at home via Alexa, the discovery of the black hole, the MIT scientist who thinks this world is a SIM, the arrest of Ju ...…
Podcast Guest #1 - Steve Cook discusses the current state of the fitness industry. As one of the world's most recognisable fitness models and with over a decade over experience in sports science and athletic conditioning, Steve gives one of the most honest breakdowns of the industry past, present and future.…
In this Best of DFB we dive into the archives for an episode that holds so much wisdom on how humans can partner with fungi to transform the world for the better. Get ready to get majorly inspired!We’re talking with mushroom whisperer Tradd Cotter of Mushroom Mountain. Tradd reveals how mushrooms and fungi are seemingly miraculous powerhouses t ...…
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