Break Up, Shake Up, Make Up or Wake Up with Mark Groves


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Is your relationship falling apart or falling together? If you’re not sure, this episode will help! Today relationship guides Mark Groves and Anahata Ananda explore personal relationships as a catalyst to deeper levels of being. Through humor and vulnerability, they invite you to take responsibility and finally answer the question – should you break up, shake up, make up or wake up?

  • Leveraging your relationship as your classroom
  • Societal pressures involved in relationships
  • The fears of external judgement
  • Telltale signs of a breakup or divorce ahead
  • The signs and dangers of codependency
  • Relationship Projections
  • Authenticity vs. Belonging
  • The importance of doing your inner work
  • The value of honesty and compassion in relationships
  • Spiritual Awakenings within a relationship
  • Contraction vs. Expansion
  • Creating healthy relationship boundaries

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